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Student Athletes

Student Athletes

Barnard offers Division I Athletics and our athletes compete alongside other Columbia University students within the Ivy League Conference.

Where most liberal arts colleges cannot offer this level of competition, our involvement in the Columbia/Barnard Athletic Consortium means we can. Coaches for the 16 varsity athletic teams recruit for three schools: Columbia College, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, and Barnard College.

Find out more about what might make Barnard a little different than the other Division I schools you might be considering and see who you need to contact to learn more. We have club and intramural teams, too.

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Should I consider applying to Barnard if I want to be a Columbia Lion?

The Columbia/Barnard Athletic Consortium is a unique arrangement in American higher education. It provides female student athletes at Columbia University with three compelling choices to fit their educational needs, while still competing for the same Division I teams.

We know that, as a student athlete, not only are you looking for a coach, teammates, and an athletic community to support you in your success, you are also assessing the kind of academic community you wish to join. Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to think about the academic setting where you can achieve your best and the kind of resources that will assist you in meeting your goals.

If you’re someone who sees herself in a smaller liberal arts college setting where faculty and staff know you and are wholly committed to your success as a student, an athlete, a leader, and a woman, but you don’t want to give up the opportunity to compete in Division I athletics, consider Barnard.

If both are liberal arts colleges, how is Barnard different from Columbia?

Barnard and Columbia are both rigorous liberal arts and sciences colleges, with majors available in overlapping areas, but our approach is distinctive. While Columbia College students count the communal experience and structure of the Core Curriculum as the cornerstone of their academic experience, Barnard students follow the Way of Reason** through their course selection in The Nine Ways of Knowing, a flexible and interdisciplinary set of requirements that allow students maximum choice and exposure to a myriad of subjects. A Barnard student is uniquely able to shape her educational experience and will choose from 40-100 courses in fulfilling most of these requirements.

** Barnard's motto is Following the Way of Reason (Hepomene toi logismoi).

Would a student-athlete like me be a good fit for Barnard?

Given our size (just under 2400 students on four-and-a-half acres), Barnard is known for all the things a small campus can provide, namely an individualized, nurturing, and supportive environment, yet our students have access to a much larger community. We are one of the four undergraduate colleges of Columbia University, but Barnard is also independent and self-contained. All support areas, from Health Services to Dining, Career to Personal Counseling, Activities to Advising, are designed with the Barnard woman in mind. Our students are independent, too. They are not afraid to question ideas. They fuel discussions. They are spirited and tenacious, driven toward action. They are engaged and curious, perceptive and aware.

When I graduate from Barnard, do I also graduate from Columbia University?

As a graduate of Barnard, you earn a diploma with the signature of both the President of Barnard College and the President of Columbia University. The seals of both the College and the University also apply. Written in Latin, the Barnard diploma is presented at the Barnard Commencement ceremony and degrees are conferred to students of all schools and colleges, including graduate programs, at the Columbia University-wide Commencement ceremony. As a Barnard student and Columbia Lion, you are a member of two small, welcoming communities as well as the larger University community. It is truly the best of all worlds.


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