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Athena Center for Leadership Studies



  1. Women and Leadership Course (ACLS BC 3450): Students ideally take this class their sophomore or junior year.
  2. Athena Senior Leadership Seminar (ACLS BC 3997/3998): Student can take this course either the Fall or Spring semester of their senior year; a main component of this class is the completion of a social action project which demonstrates leadership skills in an off-campus setting. 
  3. Three Electives Courses: Students choose three elective courses from Athena’s multi-disciplinary course offerings. The electives must be from at least 2 of the 3 groups: the study of organizations and institutions; the study of gender; and presentation skill courses.  Elective courses may also be counted as credit toward one's major. The complete listing of approved courses is below.
  4. Practicum: Students must partake in an approved practicum during the school year or summer.  A student’s practicum should relate to their post-undergraduate goals, including academic research for a professor, supervised laboratory work, and/or an internship.   Practicums in all fields are welcome, and should uphold the leadership developmental goals of the Athena Center.  Students submit a written reflection in the Senior Leadership Seminar.
  5. Athena Leadership Lab Workshops: Students must complete three workshops of their choosing.  For workshop selection, see Athena Leadership Lab.

Students interested in becoming an Athena Scholar need to meet with the Program Director before filing their Declaration of Intent. 

Approved Elective Courses

Group A: The Study of Institutions and Organizations


ECON BC 3014 Entrepreneurship
ECON BC 3017 Economics of Business Organization
ECON BC 2075 Logic and Limits of Economic Justice
ECON BC 3029 Development Economics
ECON BC 3019 Labor Economics 


HIST BC 3323 European Women in the Age of Revolution
HIST BC 4901 Reacting to the Past II

Political Science   

POLS BC 3300 Coll. on Political Participation and Democracy
POLS BC 3331 Coll. on American Political Decisionmaking
POLS BC 3332 Coll. on Exploring Political Leadership in the US
POLS V 3615 Globalization and International Politics
POLS V 3675 Russia and the West
POLS BC 3805 Coll. on International Organization


PSYC BC 1136 Social Psychology
PSYC BC 2151 Organizational Psychology
PSYC BC 2158 Human Motivation
PSYC BC 3166 Social Conflict


SOCI BC 3907 Communities and Social Change
SOCI W 3675 Organizing Innovation
SOCI BC 3913 Inequalities: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality in U.S. Law and Society

Science and Public Policy

SCPP BC 3335 Environmental Leadership, Ethics & Action

Urban Studies

URBS V 3530 Urban Development: A Rubik's Cube of Policy Choices
URBS V 3550 Community Building and Economic Development
URBS BC 3590 Theorizing Civic Engagement
URBS V 3920 Social Entrepreneurship

Women's Studies

WMST V 3312 Theorizing Women's Activism

Group B: The Study of Gender


ANTH V 3465x Women and Gender in the Muslim World

Art History

AHIS BC 3123y Woman and Art


ECON BC 2010 Economics of Gender


HIST BC 3567 American Women in the Twentieth Century
HIST BC 3681 Women and Gender in Latin America
HIST BC 3803 Gender and Empire
HIST BC 3865 Gender and Power in China
HIST BC 4870 Gender and Migration: A Global Perspective


PSYC BC 3153 Psychology and Women
PSYC BC 3379 Psychology of the Stereotyping and Prejudice


SOCI V 3235 Social Movements
SOCI W 3264 The Changing American Family
SOCI W 3302 Sociology of Gender
SOCI BC 3903 Work and Culture

Women's Studies

WMST V 1001 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WMST BC 3131 Women and Science
WMST W 3915 Gender and Power in Global Perspective
WMST W 4300 Advanced Topics in Women's and Gender Studies: Gender and War
WMST W 4303 Gender, Globalization, and Empire
WMST W 4307 Advanced Topics in Women's and Gender Studies: Sexuality and the Law

Group C: Presentation Skills


DNCE BC 2563 Dance Composition: Form, Dance/ Theatre
DNCE BC 3565 Composition: Collaboration and the Creative Process


ENGL BC 3121 Public Speaking
ENTH BC 3140 Women and Theatre