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There are three majors available to prospective students in the department:

Language and Literature: This program emphasizes the language, culture, and literature of France and other French-speaking countries.

Translation and Literature: This program teaches students to translate from French into English and English into French, within a context of French culture and literature.

French and Francophone Studies: This program emphasizes the historical and contemporary interrelationship between France and the French-speaking world in their social, literary, and cultural aspects.

The requirements for each specific major are:

Language and Literature

11 courses are required for the major:

  • 3021 or 3023 and 3022 or BC 3024
  • 3 language courses (from 3006 to 3019)
  • 2 literature courses up to, and including 18th century (3029-3036)
  • 3 literature courses after 18th century (3037-3080)
  • Senior Thesis (3091)

French and Francophone Studies

11 courses are required for the major:

  • 3420 AND 3421
  • 2 language courses (from 3006-3019)
  • 4 literature courses (from 3028-3075), of which at least 2 from 3069 to 3075
  • 2 courses from other departments at BC or CU
  • Senior Thesis (3091)

Translation and Literature

11 courses are required for the major:

  • 3021 or 3023 and 3022 or 3024
  • 4 language courses (from 3006-3019)
  • 4 literature courses (from 3028-3080)
  • Senior Thesis (3091)

The student is expected to declare her option by the end of the junior year. Programs may include additional courses in French literature, culture, and language, or in other subjects which vary with the interest of the student. Certain courses in the French and Romance Philology Department at Columbia University may be substituted with the approval of the chair. All students are required to write a thesis in their senior year. This thesis, of about 30 pages in length, will be written while the student is enrolled in BC 3091. Thesis specification will vary depending on the major program that has been chosen.

A student who elects French as part of a combined double or interdisciplinary major will establish her individualized program with the departments concerned. All combined or interdisciplinary majors require approval from the Committee on Petitions and Academic Standing.


Seven courses are required for a minor:

  • FREN BC 3021 or BC 3023, and BC 3022 or BC 3024, or FREN V 3420 and V 3421
  • Two language courses chosen from FREN BC 3006-BC 3019
  • Three literature and culture courses chosen from FREN BC 3028-BC 3080