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Science and Public Policy



The minor in Science, Policy & Ethics, which requires 5 courses total, can be created by complementing a selection of core SCPP seminars with relevant foundational work in the philosophy and religion departments, as follows-

I. Core SCPP Coursework:

Two seminars, chosen from the following three offerings-

  • SCPP BC3333x- Genetics, Biodiversity & Society
  • SCPP BC3334y- Science, State Power & Ethics
  • SCPP BC3335x- Environmental Leadership, Ethics & Action

II. Philosophy Department Coursework:

a) Introductory level;
ONE of the following, to provide the necessary philosophical foundation:

  • PHIL BC1001x,y- Introduction to Philosophy                
  • PHIL C1010x,y- Methods/Problems of Philosophical Thought

b) Advanced level;
TWO lecture courses, drawn from the following:

  • PHIL V2593y- Science & Religion    
  • PHIL V2702x- Contemporary Moral Problems
  • PHIL V3701x/y- Ethics/Moral Philosophy
  • PHIL V3720y- Ethics & Medicine

In years in which they are offered, an ethics course in the Religion Department, such as: RELI V3000y- Buddhist Ethics, RELI V3338x- Jewish Ethics, RELI V3490y- Christian Ethics may be substituted for one of the advanced level Philosophy courses listed above. In addition, with approval of the SCPP Director, other Morningside campus courses [e.g., HIST BC 3305- Bodies & Machines, HIST BC 4909- History of Environmental Thinking, HIST BC4064- Medieval Science & Society, WMST BC3131- Women & Science] bearing great relevance to issues of science & society may permit a similar substitution.