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Economic and Social History


REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MAJOR (class of 2012 and later)

A major in Economic History must complete the following 12 courses or their equivalents:

Economics (5 courses)

Theoretical Perspectives (3 courses) Students must take the following courses or their approved substitutes.

  • ECON BC 1003 Introduction to Economic Reasoning
  • ECON BC 3041 Theoretical Foundations of Political Economy
  • ECON BC 3033 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (ECON BC3035, ECON W3213, or ECON W3211 may be substituted for ECON BC3033)

Economic History (2 courses) Students must take 2 of the following courses, including at least one upper-level economic history elective (at the 3000 level or higher).

  • ECON BC 2012 Economic History of Western Europe
  • ECON BC 2014 Topics in Economic History
  • ECON BC 3013 Economic History of the United States (another upper-level economic history course may be substituted, subject to economics adviser’s approval.)

History (5 courses)

Introductory courses (1 course)

  • HIST BC 1xxx  Introductory course in field of historical specialization

Lecture courses ( 2 courses)

  • HIST BC 3116 Filthy Lucre: A History of Money
  • HIST BC 3180 Merchants, Pirates, and Slaves in the Formation of Atlantic Capitalism: 1600-1800
  • HIST BC 3321 Colonial Encounters
  • HIST W 3411 American Society in the Age of Capital
  • HIST W 3503 American Labor in the 20th Century
  • HIST BC 3662 History of Latin America in the 19th Century
  • HIST W 3665 Economic History of Latin America
  • HIST W 3029 Roman Social History
  • HIST W 3956 Globalization in History
  • HSEA W 4884 Economic History of Modern China

Seminars ( 2 courses)

  • HIST BC 4062 Medieval Economic Life and Thought
  • HIST W 4130 Early Modern Globalization: The North Atlantic World & the Dutch Connection
  • HIST BC 4119 Capitalism and Enlightenment
  • HIST W 4318 Globalizing American Consumer Culture
  • HIST BC 4332 The Politics of Leisure in Modern Europe
  • HIST BC 4335 Poverty and Social Order in Europe
  • HIST W 4376 History of Commercial Revolutions
  • HIST W 4434 The Atlantic Slave Trade
  • HIST W 4518 Slavery and Emancipation in the US
  • HIST W 3582 Labor and Class Formation in African-American History, 1865-1950
  • HIST W 4318 Globalizing American Consumer Culture
  • HIST W 4327 Consumer Culture in Modern Europe
  • HIST W 4569 American Consumer Capitalism
  • HIST W 4766 Slaves and Subjects in African History
  • HIST W 4884 Economic History of Modern China
  • HIST BC 4886 Fashion
  • HIST BC 4905 Capitalism, Colonialism, and Culture: A Global History
  • AFCV W 4105 Intellectual Origins of Political Economy

Other appropriate courses may be substituted subject to the history adviser’s approval.

Senior Thesis Requirement (2 semesters)

  • ECHS BC 3066/BC 3067 Senior Research Seminar