Meredith Wisner is our new Art & Architecture Librarian

Since 1896, Barnard’s campus has enjoyed steady growth. Archival photos show the campus's gradual transformation into what has become the premier higher-education institution for women.

Art history professor reflects on expansiveness of new museum and its inaugural exhibition

Data-driven approach encourages positioning libraries at the center of public policy priorities

Architecture professor highlighted for her support and encouragement of students

Karen Fairbanks collaborates with her partner and staff to produce an architectural showplace.

Glen Oaks Library receives both Public Choice and Editor’s Choice awards

In November, senior architecture majors and Prof. Karen Fairbanks traveled to Rio de Janiero to study Brazil's resources and urban development.

The beginning of the academic year 2011-2012 welcomed improvements and changes to the Barnard campus—some more strikingly apparent than others.

Environmental science and biology field work on an urban rooftop