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Job Listings

NACElink is Barnard Career Development's online job and internship board. All Barnard alumnae have access to the site -- employers looking for "experienced hires" post opportunities regularly.


Career Research Resources


Interview Skills and Strategies

JobInnerview is a multi-media e-learning platform designed to train people to excel in a job interview. The program consists of 12 five-minute videos, each corresponding to a step in the interview process. Each module comes with a quiz and a series of exercises to thoroughly prepare the candidate for an interview and help them win the job. It's an inexpensive, virtual, automated training tool that can be used anywhere, any time.

Barnard alumna Rebekah Crawford '93 is a founding partner of the company.

Further information and registration link are at the JobInnerview website.


Salary Research


Networking with Barnard Alumnae

Are you considering a career change?  Are you a young alumna unsure of how to break into your desired field?  Are you looking for networking opportunities or business connections?  Or, are you simply looking to reconnect with classmates with whom you have lost touch?  These are just some of the reasons why you may want to connect with fellow alumnae.

  • Over 17,ooo Barnard alumnae and students are active on LinkedIn
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  • Over 6500 Barnard Alumnae belong to the Barnard College Alumnae and Affiliates group on LinkedIn
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