Eligibility and Application Process









Barnard students in good academic standing are eligible to apply for funding.  Seniors are not eligible for summer funding and first-year students may apply for a grant starting the summer after their first year.  International students may be eligible, but should contact the International and Intercultural Student Programs (212-854-1777), prior to applying for a grant. Visiting students are not eligible to apply for funding.  Previous internship grant recipients may apply for second grants but generally will be given lower priority for funding.  Funding is not available for internships with political campaigns or for internships involved in direct proselytizing for religious work.

Application Process

The Fall 2015 Internship Grant Application is available HERE.  

The application deadline for the Fall 2015 Internship Grant Program is Thursday October 2, 2015 at 12pm.  NO LATE OR INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR ANY REASON.  Last miniute submissions are more likely to run into technical problems.

Application Workshops

In order to assist students in writing the most optimal grant application for this program, Career Development will sponsor several workshops prior to the grant application deadline.  Please look for these workshops on NACElink and RSVP to attend.  Workshops will assist you in understanding the process, writing a winning application, and creating an appropriate résumé.

Application Guidelines

  • Applicants must have secured their internship positions prior to completing the internship grant application.

  • Internship grants are awarded only for the internships specified on the students’ grant applications; grants are not transferable from one internship to another.

  • An applicant is not eligible to receive an internship grant for an internship that is part of an academic course or senior thesis or for which the student has arranged an independent study project.

  • Applicant are only eligible for one grant per semester or summer period.

  • Applicants must disclose any monetary stipends or compensation received from their internship organizations.  The stipend amount may be deducted from the internship grant recipient’s total grant award.

  • Funding is not available for internships with political campaigns or for internships involved in direct proselytizing for religious work.

  • Grants will not be provided to students interning at organizations owned or run by their immediate family members.  A grantee’s internship supervisor also may not be a family member.

  • Students will not receive funding for an internship for which the student has paid the organization to participate in the internship program.

  • Any false information on a student’s grant application may result in recovery of the full grant amount.

Application Instructions

  1. Complete the online application form, including all demographic information and the essay.
  2. Upload your résumé as PDF (no longer than 1 page).
  3. Click “Submit”.

NOTE:  If you encounter any issues, please call Career Development at (212) 854-2033. We suggest not starting this process at the last minute because late or incomplete applications will not be accepted for any reason.