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Urban Studies



The major in Urban Studies is comprised of six curricular requirements:

Requirement A: Urban-Related Social Sciences (3 courses)
One course dealing primarily with urban subject matter from each of three of the following disciplines: Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology.
Many courses offered through Urban Studies may count towards Requirement A. For example, URBS V3420 Introduction to Urban Sociology counts as a Sociology course, URBS V3550 Community Building counts as a Political Science course, etc. Students must complete at least two of the Requirement A courses before taking the Junior Colloquia (see Requirement E, below). It is recommended that majors fulfill this requirement before their junior year.

Requirement B: Urban-Related Non-Social Science (1 course)
One course dealing primarily with urban subject matter from a discipline not listed above (such as Architecture, Art History, English, Environmental Science, etc.)

Requirement C: Methods of Analysis (1 course)
One course in methods of analysis, such as URBS V3200 GIS Methods and Urban Case Studies.

Requirement D: Specialization (5 courses)
Five or more courses in a specialization from one of the participating departments. Barnard College students can double-count one A, B, or C course toward this requirement (only one of five), with the approval of the Director; Columbia College and General Studies students cannot double-count courses. Barnard majors also have specific requirements for each specialization, which are outlined in detail on the program's website, urban.barnard.edu.

Requirement E: Junior Colloquia (2 courses)
URBS V3545 The Shaping of the Modern City and URBS V3546 Contemporary Urban Issues.

Requirement F: Senior seminar (2 courses)
A senior thesis written in conjunction with a two-semester research seminar, chosen from the following four options:
1) URBS V3992-3993 The Built Environment
2) URBS V3994-3995 New York Area Undergraduate Field Research
3) URBS V3996-3997 International Topics in Urban Studies
4) A research seminar in the department of specialization. This option must be approved by the Program Director.

A complete list and courses that fulfill requirements A–E can be found on the program's website, urban.barnard.edu.

Appropriate substitutions may be made for courses listed above with the approval of the Program Director.

There is no minor in Urban Studies.