Why I Give to Barnard

There are 2,360 reasons to give back to Barnard and here are three of them.


Joyce Ng 

Hometown: Hong Kong
Major: Creative Writing

Barnard let me grow into a person I’m proud to be. It’s a wonderful thing to feel quietly empowered and supported by my professors. Barnard recognizes the importance of individual nourishment.


Marisa Franklin  

Hometown: Worchester, MA
Major: Math/Statistics

Barnard helped me to do what I already knew I loved – dance – but also helped me find new loves I never knew through the Nine Ways of Knowing.


Shoshannah Richards 

Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
Major: Political Science

Barnard and the Nine Ways of Knowing allowed me to explore my interest in French, English and Politics.  I love Barnard because it was my childhood dream to attend college in New York City.


Since tuition only covers 75% of the true cost of a Barnard education, we rely on gifts from you to help fill this “gap” every year. You can help students directly through gifts to Barnard's annual fund, which support scholarships and financial aid, student instruction, housing, dining services, health and counseling services, research, administrative functions in the College’s central offices, academic support, instructional technology, admissions and career development.

We’d love to hear why YOU give to Barnard's annual fund. Please share your reason for giving back and we may feature you on our website!