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Donor Recognition

Thank You, From Barnard

Gifts to The Diana Center support critical and ongoing needs. Barnard appreciates every donor who champions Barnard’s pursuit of academic excellence, and recognizes all donors, no matter the level of gift, on our virtual donor wall.

All gifts of $50,000 or more will be recognized on the Donor Wall in the Jolyne Caruso-FitzGerald ’81 Lobby, as seen below.

Why Support The Diana Center?

The Diana Center is a premier destination in New York City whether you are taking in a show at The Glicker-Milstein Theatre, visiting an exhibition of student work in the Louise Heublein McCagg ’59 Gallery, or chatting over coffee in Liz’s Place.

Please join the donors below in making a gift that brings education to new heights at Barnard.


Ari Brose ’84

What did Ari Brose ’84 love most about being a student at Barnard? Intellectually, she reveled in the challenges posed by rigorous courses in European history and a perfectionist academic advisor. Beyond academics, she enjoyed the strong sense of sisterhood she felt with the young women who joined her in sports, song and student government. Explaining her decision to be a Diana donor, Ari says, “The sense of sisterhood I felt at Barnard was very important to me. It’s something I continue to look for in my professional life. The Diana is a tribute to all those wonderful women who are Barnard students.”


Barbara Ellis ’64

Barbara Izenstein Ellis ’64, who teaches Greek and Latin, receives consistently high marks from her students. What makes her a wonderful teacher? Experience and passion for her subject, of course. According to Ellis, her Barnard education also plays a large part. As an undergraduate, Ellis felt fortunate to live on campus and experience “a sense of community that many students did not have at the time.”

Today, she is giving financial support for the Diana “to provide great venues for theatre and dance, to give much needed and thoughtfully designed space to several departments, and to foster a greater sense of community among all the students at Barnard.”


Lisa Phillips Davis ’76

Lisa Phillips Davis ’76 has given back so much to her alma mater by serving as president of the Alumnae Association and as an alumna trustee, by donating money for the Diana, and by spreading the word about the decisive role the Diana will play in Barnard’s future. “In so many ways, Barnard is at the top of its game — it’s amazing to me what we’re able to do despite the constraints of our small campus and relatively small endowment. We’ve done things well in excess of what others would do given a similar physical plant. But now we’ll be able to do everything so much better. Finally we’ll have a facility that matches Barnard’s excellence in academics, extracurricular programs and special events. For example, when we have large events or lectures, our speakers will no longer be plagued by acoustical issues, and the timing of events will no longer be restricted because a major program space has to double as a cafeteria. Everyone onstage and in the audience will have a much better experience.”