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Floor by Floor Giving Opportunities

Theatre Level

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  Black Box Theatre Funded
  Theatre Lobby $ 1,000,000
  Women's Dressing (Green) Room 100,000
  Men's Dressing (Green) Room 100,000


Concourse Level

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  Special Events Space $ 5,000,000
  Lobby 1,500,000
  Theatre Workshop Funded
  Large Classrooms (2) 750,000 ea.
  Student Mail Services Funded


Main Floor

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  The Millicent McIntosh Terrace $1,000,000
  Main Lobby Funded
  Cafe Funded
  Outdoor Terrace Funded
  Student Meeting Room Funded
  Campus Store Funded
  Cozy Nook Funded
  Commuter Lounge Funded


Second Floor

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  Multipurpose Dining Room w/Multimedia $ 3,000,000
  Private Dining Room Funded
  Servery 1,000,000
  Classroom Funded
  Second Floor Lounge 750,000


Third Floor

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  Computer Center $ 2,000,000
  Reading Room Funded
  College Activities Suite 1,000,000
  Seminar Room Funded
  Diversity Initiatives Funded
  Mac/AC Council Room Funded
  Group Study Room 100,000
  College Activities Offices 75,000
or 50,000
  SGA Office Funded
  Computer Staff Office 75,000


Fourth Floor

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  Main Architecture Studio $ 2,000,000
  Visual Arts Painting Studio 1,000,000
  Arts Computing Center 1,000,000
  Critique Gallery/ Meeting Room Funded
  Architecture Senior Studio Funded              
  Senior Projects/ Painting Studio 750,000
  Architecture Model Room Funded


Fifth Floor

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  Arts Complex $ 1,500,000
  Financial Fluency Classroom Funded
  Seminar Rooms (2) Funded
  Seating Area Funded
  Arts & Architecture Offices 75,000


Sixth Floor

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  Green Lawn & Learning Center Funded
  Rooftop Patio Funded