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Meet our Donors

We Give to Barnard!

Michelle Park ’06  
"Barnard has provided me with an invaluable education. I’m compelled to help the Barnard community when I look back at all the ways the college has become an integral part of my life. I want to be a responsible citizen, and I know that participation in The Barnard Fund is a powerful way to actualize this."

Sylvia Soto Montero '75
"I feel a strong commitment to Barnard both for the scholarship that was the basis of an outstanding education and for the life-changing experience.  As a Hispanic from a humble background I, like my parents, believe education is the greatest legacy we can leave the next generation. I’m proud to contribute to this effort."

Rae Silver, Helene L. and Mark N. Kaplan Professor of the Natural and Physical Sciences
"When my family learned that financial aid represents a huge fraction (18 percent) of Barnard’s annual operating budget, we decided to contribute to The Barnard Fund every year and designate our gift for financial aid. Years of working with Barnard students has shown me that the prestige and practical support provided by scholarships has a significant impact on students’ abilities to learn and commit to their studies.”

Mary Mann PA '05
"The first time my daughter Melissa and I arrived on campus for a prospective student open house, the morning was dreary with a low-hanging rainy mist.  It wasn’t the most auspicious start to a college visit. Then we walked through the arch to the residential courtyard, surrounded by the dignified brick dorms, and something resonated with Melissa.  She quietly murmured her approval; I think it came from a sense of belonging. Supporting the College is my way of saying “thank you” for embracing my daughter."

Nekesa Hamilton Moody ’92
"Barnard was so giving and nurturing to me as a student that it served almost as a third parent. I give to Barnard so that another student will have the same rich experience that I enjoyed."

Nell Dillon-Ermers, Department Administrator for Political Science
"Working in the political science department, I know firsthand just how promising and talented Barnard’s students are. I give as a way to thank these wonderful students, who continue to inspire me and enrich my life. It is gratifying to know that my gift helps a deserving woman with financial need earn her Barnard degree."

Holly Snow '06
"As the first female college graduate and only the second higher-education graduate in my family, I see my donation as a gift to other women who will be first in their families to graduate from a college that offers a first-rate education."

Miriam Scharfman Zadek ’50
“My class entered Barnard right after World War II. Deans Virginia Gildersleeve and Millicent McIntosh were our role models; they showed us that we really could do anything.  Our love for Barnard challenges us to set new standards of giving.”

Marsha Simms '75
"Barnard put me on the road to success.  It's up to me to make sure others can follow."