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General Transfer Student Information

Scheduling of Classes

This guide to transfer programming has been prepared to assist you in selecting your courses for your first semester at Barnard. In making your choices, please be cognizant of the requirements, but also try to explore areas new to you. Your proposed program should represent, if possible, a balance between required courses and your new and continuing interests, directing you toward choosing a major area of study. 

You should plan a tentative program in advance, but be aware that you may have to change it. You may review course offerings in the Directory of Classes, Pencilbook. Be sure to check both the Barnard College Catalogue and departmental websites as well; they often have important and useful information on course prerequisites and other matters. Current students are pre-enrolled; therefore certain courses may be closed to new students. Occasionally the class hours for a course are changed, or an offering is added or deleted, and, naturally, some courses with space limitations are quickly filled. Thus, planning your program with a flexible spirit and alternative selections in mind is helpful.

Registration at Barnard is the simple but necessary step of confirming your name and other personal information online from an on-campus computer. When this step has been completed you will have been added to the roster of current Barnard students. This process has nothing to do with selecting courses or filing an academic program. The dates for online registration can be found on the Academic Calendar which is maintained by the Registrar's Office.

Congratulations and welcome to Barnard.