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Academic Support

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Academic Fellows

Academic Fellows are Barnard students who provide academic assistance and support for particular courses to groups of 2-3 students throughout the semester. Students requesting academic assistance complete a request form along with the other required forms (available in the Tutee Packet) submit them to the Dean of Studies Office and are billed for the semester on a sliding scale. Assignments are made after the second full week of the semester, in order to give students time to assess their needs in a particular course. Students who wish to be Academic Fellows apply through the Dean of Studies Office during the program filing period. Fellows are paid $15.00 per hour of assistance. Academic Fellows and their study groups meet together for a two-hour session each week. Members of the study group are expected to come to the sessions prepared with specific questions about the course.


Writing Fellows

The Barnard Writing Fellows Program (founded in 1991) is designed to help students strengthen their writing in all disciplines. We believe that writing is a process; it happens in stages, in different drafts. It may be ended (on the day a paper is due), but it is never really finished. Writing is revision--re-seeing--and all writers, no matter how accomplished, can benefit from discussing their work with an intelligent reader and then revising it.

Often the most fruitful dialogues about your writing occur with your peers, and the Writing Fellows are just that. The Writing Fellows are specially selected Barnard undergraduates who participate in a semester-long workshop in the teaching of writing and, having finished their training, staff the Erica Mann Jong '63 Writing Center and work in courses across the disciplines.  They are not tutors or TAs; they are educated readers. It is not their role to comment on the accuracy of the content of your papers, nor to grade your work. They are not enrolled in your course. You will probably know more about the course’s specific material than they do, and your papers must therefore be written clearly enough so that the non-expert can understand them. 

To learn more about the Writing Fellows or sign up for an appointment in the Writing Center, visit: www.barnard.edu/writing


Speaking Fellows

Speaking well, like writing well, is an intellectual process and an indispensable skill that can be learned.  No student should graduate without having the opportunity and resources to master both.

The Speaking Fellows are just that resource.  After completing a rigorous, one-semester training course in the theory and practice of public speaking, Speaking Fellows are attached to speaking-intensive courses across the disciplines to teach students how to craft, prepare, and deliver presentations and participate in class discussions.  Speaking Fellows do not grade students’ presentations, and are not TAs – they are undergraduate Barnard students who have been trained to help their peers build stronger, more nuanced arguments through reflective, critical thinking and collegial support.

The Speaking Program offers several different types of workshops that vary in skill level and subject matter.  In addition to working directly with courses (at faculty request), Speaking Fellows also offer a series of general workshops called “Public Speaking and Intellectual Voice,” which are open to any Barnard students looking to improve their speaking skills.  Students can also make one-on-one appointments to work on a particular aspect of public speaking or a specific presentation.  In all sessions, Speaking Fellows guide students through the speech-making process, help them critically examine structure and arguments, and practice and improve delivery.  Participants come to understand speaking as an integral part of self-expression and intellectual creativity.

To learn more about the Speaking Fellows or sign up for a workshop, visit: www.barnard.edu/speaking


Math Help Rooms

Located in 333 Milbank and 406 Mathematics Building. For more information and schedules please visit Math Help Rooms , or feel free to contact Susan Campbell at the Department Office (333 Milbank) x43577 or scampbell@barnard.edu.