Global Symposia

Women Changing China, Beijing, 2009

Women in the Arab World, Dubai, 2010

Women Changing Africa, Johannesburg, 2011

Women Changing India, Mumbai, 2012

Women Changing Brazil, São Paulo, 2013

Barnard students at Women Changing Brazil, 2013

Barnard’s Global Symposia series was launched in 2009 with four main goals: to provide a dynamic forum for discussion of women's issues in regions where such opportunities do not readily exist; to create a network of women leaders from around the world; to inspire young women about their own leadership potential; and to provide an opportunity for Barnard, as an American college, to learn from women in other parts of the world and bring their stirring stories back to our students.

Each year's conference brings together the preeminent women of the region to discuss and debate the issues important to them and to their country. The event is free and open to the public, and women (and men) from all sectors and of all ages are invited to attend. Since 2011, the Symposium has also offered fellowships to Barnard faculty, who design a research project relevant to the region, and to Barnard students, who create and facilitate a leadership workshop for young women in New York City and in the Symposium location.

Barnard has traveled around the world to Beijing (2009), Dubai (2010), Johannesburg (2011), Mumbai (2012), São Paulo (2013) and Shanghai (2014). In 2015, in celebration of the 125th Anniversity, Barnard welcomed a group of remarkable women from around the world to New York City for the seventh annual Global Symposium, Women Changing the World. Read more about past symposia here.