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Michell Tollinchi-Michel

Associate Dean for Academic Enrichment and Community Initiatives

  • Oversees the CSTEP/STEP and HEOP programs
  • Administrative Coordinator for the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program
  • Coordinator for the Spelman/Howard Domestic Exchange Program
  • Associate Director of the Intercollegiate Program under the Hughes Science Pipeline Project
  • Adviser to students interested in Social Work School
  • Adviser to transfer students
  • Contact:, or schedule an appointment


Nikki Youngblood Giles

Director, Academic Success and Enrichment Programs

  • Oversees the Pre Collegiate (STEP) and Collegiate Programs (BOP, CSTEP & HEOP)
  • Adviser to all BOP, CSTEP & HEOP first-years in matters academic, career, or personal
  • Contact:


Elida Martinez-Gaynor

Associate Director, Collegiate Programs 


Kevin V. Collymore

Academic Counselor, Collegiate Programs


JC Soto

Associate Director, Pre Collegiate Programs

  • Responsible for recruitment, retention, and admission of students
  • Conducts Parent meetings
  • Responsible for community collaborations and outreach to CBO’s
  • Connects students with access to license professions through internship opportunities
  • Contact:


Nyoka Joseph

Academic Counselor, Pre Collegiate Programs

  • Responsible for college readiness
  • Provides one on one college advisement
  • Provides educational, academic and personal counseling to students
  • Responsible for the delivery and implementation of different activities and initiatives
  • Contact:


Clara Hannum

Administrative Assistant, Pre Collegiate Programs

  • Provides all Administrative Support to Pre Collegiate Programs students/parents and staff
  • Contact person for questions regarding the STEP Academic Program and Admissions
  • Contact:


Gianna Lopez

Administrative Assistant, Collegiate Programs

  • Provides all Administrative Support to Collegiate Programs students and staff
  • Scheduler of appointments for Collegiate Office
  • Contact person for questions regarding general HEOP admissions; CSTEP admissions
  • Contact: