Getting Out and Staying Out

Organization Website:

Location: New York

Former Intern(s): Kate Smith, Princeton '14

Organization Description

Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO) is dedicated to drastically reducing the recidivism rate for 16- to 24-year-old men by ensuring economic independence through purposeful education and directed employment. GOSO engages young men while they are incarcerated and develops individualized reentry plans for each program participant. Once a participant is released, he becomes active in our community-based program, where he receives one-on- one career career management services. The community-based program consists of educational guidance and referrals, job readiness training, mentoring, and mental health services. 

GOSO serves nearly 200 participants a year in the community program and roughly 500 participants a year on Riker's Island. GOSO currently has 7 full-time employees and several volunteer mentors. Previous interns at GOSO have developed programming, assisted in program recruitment, developed and facilitated groups, and assisted staff in the development of reentry plans on Riker's Island.

Guggenheim Internship Description

The Guggenheim intern will be offered a variety of opportunities, but will most specifically be responsible for assist in recruiting new participants on Riker's Island. The intern will work with participants on Riker's Island in the development of their reentry plans. The intern will also have the opportunities to develop and implement new programming. Examples of previous intern projects include creating a tutoring program, the development of a reentry process group on Riker's Island, and the development of program recruiting materials.

Intern Qualifications

The most important qualities we look for in an intern are an openness to work with previously incarcerated young men and the ability to empathize with individuals who are potentially quite different from the intern.

Background check required.

A car is not necessary but helpful.

Expected start date: 9:00 am

Expected end date: 5:00 pm

Required Dates: None: between 06/03/2013 and 08/16/2013

Internship Length: 8-10 weeks

Additonal Information: In order to expedite volunteer ID for Department of Corrections, the intern should come in a few months prior to internship to complete application and fingerprinting.

Getting Out and Staying Out Internship Application