MAPS: Alumnae-to-Student Mentoring



Alumnae-to-Student Mentoring matches current students with alumnae for ongoing mentoring throughout the academic year.  Outside of being matched with an alumna in the NY area, students take part in trainings, events with impressive speakers and dynamic topics, and ongoing networking with all program participants. Each mentored student will have the chance to see inside an industry or organization through the eyes of an alumna who knows it best. With that insight, along with feedback, guidance and support from their mentors, students will be able to envision themselves as emerging professionals. 


Barnard Career Development is looking for motivated students who are eager to take an active role in their career preparation.

Applicants will be selected based on the following qualifications:

  • Current junior or senior
  • Strong resume
  • Strong essays provided in *application
  • Demonstrated interest in working with a mentor
  • Commitment to a full year program, with required attendance at trainings and events


PROGRAM DATES, APPLICATION PROCESS & DEADLINES: Applications will be accepted for the 2016-2017 year starting in August 2016 for Alumnae and September 2016 for Students. Questions, please contact Talia Schatz at


Successful completion of the program includes but is not limited to:

  1. Attending a mandatory training.
  2. Attending the kick-off Brunch.
  3. Attending a series of ongoing program events.
  4. Keeping in touch with your assigned mentor via regular check-ins.
  5. Adhering to all instructions and deadlines associated with the program.
  6. Maintaining professionalism and courtesy in interactions with your mentor and other program participants.

Mentor Training Manual 



Mentee Training Manual 


2015-2016 Testimonials from Students

I gained several connections within a great company that I would like to work with at some point in my life. I also received great recommendations on interviews and had my cover letter and resume revised to a better standard.

The Mentoring Program helped me establish a valuable contact, helpful insight and advice for my career and other elements of early adulthood, a genuine friend and career opportunities.

My mentor provided a lot of info about the industry I want to go into and learning about doing informational interviews. She always encouraged me to ask WHY I'm interested in certain jobs/companies and think critically about it.

2015-2016 Testimonials from Alumnae 

My mentee gained connections to people in her industry and someone she trusts that she can ask for advice as she gets started in the real world after graduation.

I believe - and hope - that my mentee gained actionable insights about how best to approach the internship application and interview process, by honing her search skills and refining both her resume and cover letter to better reflect her accomplishments and abilities. That was primarily what we worked on together as she entered the spring semester and prepared for the summer months, and she was successful in obtaining positions for both spring and summer!

I helped my mentee in building her resume. Coached her regarding the industry - publications to read, etc. Role played interview situations.  Served as cheerleader.

QUESTIONS: Please contact Talia Schatz at 212-854-2033 or at