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MAPS: Alumnae-to-Student Mentoring


Alumnae-to-Student Mentoring matches current students with alumnae for ongoing mentoring throughout the academic year.  Outside of being matched with an alumna in the NY area, students take part in trainings, an online blog, and events with impressive speakers and dynamic topics. Each mentored student will have the chance to see inside an industry or organization through the eyes of an alumna who knows it best. With that insight, along with feedback, guidance and support from their mentors, students will be able to envision themselves as emerging professionals. 


Alumnae-to-Student Mentoring 2011-2012

Quotes from our mentors and mentees

Over lunch, we talked about her first jobs upon graduating college, her law school experience at Brooklyn Law School, her time as a clerk back in New Mexico as well as her current position in the law firm. We also talked about her Barnard College years as she reminisced about the places she used to go to around Morningside Heights, her college friends, the Marching band she was a part of and so on. It was great to be able to connect with another Barnard student even though she graduated in 2004.—Mentee Camille Van Kote

It wasn't all work through - We compared notes on traveling to Europe for vacation and our families in Florida before grabbing some dessert. Afterwards, I took Paige on quick tour of the office. Between Googlers riding on scooters in the hallways and teams brainstorming ideas on floor-to-ceiling whiteboards, I hope it was a helpful glimpse of what life is like at Google.–Mentor Kelsey Price

It has been wonderful getting to know a recent Barnard graduate and hearing about all of her jobs and food adventures.  Talking with Julia, I have realized that there are various job opportunities related to the food industry.  I can't wait to explore some more restaurants around NYC with my mentor.—Mentee Helenka Lepkowski Ostrum

I gave Stefie a brief tour of my office and then we headed to lunch at Ruby's Cafe on Mulberry Street. At lunch, we talked about my experience in the architecture field from portfolio development to graduate school applications and eventually choosing which firm to work for once in the "real world."—Mentor Catherine Burns Wilson

I appreciate this program a lot, and I just thought that you should know that my mentor really does take interest in students who are serious and honest about what they want to gain from this experience. I think my experience speaks for many seniors who have met great Barnard alumnae who are willing to take the time out of their busy schedules to mentor their Barnard sisters.- Mentee Nana Ankamah