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Why Barnard

Campus Life in the City

For students considering an urban campus, it's important to know we're not all created alike. Some are large and spread out over many city blocks. Some are self-contained, inhabiting their very own bubble surrounded by urban sprawl. Some have little sense of belonging and campus buildings blend into the surrounding skyscrapers. When you visit Barnard, you will find out for yourself just how a small campus, with distinctive architecture, green space, and a vibrant residential life, builds a sense of community while encouraging students to sample virtually unlimited city and university resources and shape their experience.


Our students readily apply what they learn in class. 

A typical week of learning is enhanced by visiting world class museums, Broadway theatres, historical neighborhoods, and by doing internships, volunteer work, and research. And, our discussions go beyond the walls of the College and into the most diverse city in the world.

The city comes to our doorstep and classrooms. 

Students gain valuable field experience through “in the City” course topics intended to engage students directly in our urban surroundings. Our faculty, drawn to Barnard for many of the same reasons as our students, bring diverse and experienced perspectives to the classroom. 

Campus life is re-imagined, both traditional and not. 

A typical weekend is hard to describe since it may include activities both off- and on-campus, with only steps between the two. Our students are athletes, activists, writers, dancers, actors, entrepreneurs, and scientists; they are involved in student government, publications, community service, cultural groups, and more.

Real life and a liberal arts and sciences college, experience both.