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Standing Appointive Committees


Academic Success & Enrichment
Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing
Barnard Emergency Management Committee (BEMC)
Barnard Library and Academic Information Services (BLAIS)
Career Services
Columbia College Committee on Instruction
Columbia Faculty Athletics Committee
Committee of Department Chairs and Program Directors
Committee on Honors
Committee on Programs and Academic Standing (CPAS)
Dean's Accommodation Committee (DAC)
Faculty Committee on Internationalization
Faculty Diversity and Development Committee (FDD)
Faculty Reporter
Faculty Tellers
Honor Board
Joint Faculty and Administrator Benefits Committee
Judicial Council
Medalist Committee
Mellon Postdoctoral Search Committee
Institutional Review Board
Phi Beta Kappa Committee
Pre-Health Professions Committee
Senior Commencement
Student Life
Sustainability Committee
Trustee Committee on Academic Affairs
Trustee Committee on Campus Life

Academic Success & Enrichment

Chair: Associate Dean for Academic Enrichment

Term length: 2-year term

Meeting time: 

Commitee charge: Subcommittee of the Committee on Instruction will advise on the structure and function of various programs that provide academic support and enrichment to Barnard students, and to middle-school, high-school and community college students enrolled in special programs offered by the College.

Membership eligibility: 6 faculty members including the Director of the Writing Program, the Director of the Inter-Collegiate Partnership (ICP), and the Faculty Coordinator for the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program, the remaining three faculty members to be appointed by the FGP, and a representative from the Admissions Office. 


Michell Tollinchi-Michel, Associate Dean for Academic Enrichment
Pam Cobrin, Director of the Writing Program
Paul Hertz, Director of the Inter-Collegiate Partnership (ICP)
Monica Miller, Faculty Coordinator for the MMUF
William Sharpe '16
Marisa Buzzeo '16
Lisa Edstrom '16

Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing (currently inactive)

Chair: President for Administration and Capital Planning

Term length: Faculty and alumnae members 3-year term, staggered; Student members 2-year term.

Meeting time: 

Commitee charge: The Board of Trustees authorizes the president to designate an Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing for the purpose of advising the Trustees on the social implications of Barnard's institutional investment program and to advise the Board's Committee on Investments on social and ethical issues that arise in the management of the College's endowment. 

Membership eligibility: 2 faculty members.  The Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing shall consist of six voting members drawn in equal numbers from students, faculty and alumnae.  Additionally, the President of the College shall appoint one administrator who is familiar with the College's investments to sit as a non-voting member of the Committee.  Initially terms shall be staggered to ensure continuity in the membership of the Committee and familiarity with investment issues.  Representatives shall be nominated by the Student Governing Association (SGA), the Faculty Governance and Procedures Committee (FGP) and the Associated Alumnae of Barnard College (AABC) through each body's standard processes of selection.  At least one of the faculty representatives to the Committee shall be tenured.  The President of the College shall approve nominations to the Committee and designate a chair to serve during the Committee's first year.  Thereafter, the members shall elect one of their own as chair annually.

Barnard Emergency Management Committee (BEMC)

Chair: Director of Public Safety

Term length: Faculty and alumnae members: 3-year term, staggered; Student members: 2-year term

Meeting time: Monthly on Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 PM

Commitee charge: The mission of the BEMC is to develop and coordinate preparation, planning, response, business continuity and restoration for the College in the event of an emergency.  

Membership eligibility: 2 faculty members, Associate Director of Public Safety, Emergency Management/Fire Safety Supervisor, Vice President for Communications, Vice President for Campus Services, Vice President for Information Technology, Director of IT Infrastructure, Director of IT Security, Dean of Residential Life,  Director of Academic Services, Director of Health Services, Director of Facilities, Director of Counseling, Director of Purchasing, Director of Human Resources, Director of Media Relations, Associate Director of Media Relations, Dean of Student Life, Medical Director, and Senior Director of Dining Services. 


Peter Balsam '1x
George Padilla '1x

Barnard Library and Academic Information Services (BLAIS)

Chair: Dean of the Barnard Library & Academic Information Services

Term length: 2-year term 

Meeting time: Monthly on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30 PM

Commitee charge: A tripartite committee to assist in the planning of issues relating to the Library, academic computing, and information technology. 

Membership eligibility: 1 faculty member from each of the four divisions, 2 students, Vice-President of Information Technology, Dean of the College or designee, Vice Provost, Director of Institutional Support or designee, a Director from BCIT, Director of Instructional Media and Technology Services, and the Director of Research and Instruction. 


Division I: Aaron Schneider '16
Division II: Andrew Crowther '15
Division III: Robert McCaughey '16
Division IV: Kristina Milnor '16

Career Services (currently inactive)

Chair: Associate Director of Career Services

Term length: 2-year term 

Commitee charge: A tripartite committee on matters pertaining to Career Services programming, including recruitment, internships and student enterprises. Meets semi-monthly.

Membership eligibility: 1 faculty member. 

Columbia College Committee on Instruction

Chair: Columbia University Dean of the College and Vice President for Undergraduate Education

Term length: 

Meeting time: Fridays from 10:00-11:30 AM

Commitee charge: The committee's responsibilities include oversight of the College’s curriculum as well as the regulations and policies governing it. One faculty member from Barnard serves as a nonvoting member of the committee. 

Membership eligibility: 1 faculty member. 


Patricia Denison '15

Columbia Faculty Athletics Committee

Chair: Dean of the College

Term length: 2-year term

Meeting time: One Friday per semester at 9:00 AM, with subcommittee meetings as needed

Commitee charge:  Acts as the advisory committee for the University President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education on policies governing the intercollegiate athletics program consistent with the rules of the Ivy League Conference, NCAA, and the policies of the University and University Trustees.  The Committee periodically apprises the faculty, staff, and student consituenciy organizations of the status of the intercollegiate athletics programs at the University. 

Membership eligibility: The Committee consists of members of the faculties of Columbia University, Barnard College, and Teacher's College, with additional representation from alumni, the intercollegiate athletics program, and University administration. 


Kimberly Johnson '16
Tim Halpin-Healy '16
Other Barnard Members:
Avis Hinkson
Lisa Northrop
Faculty Athletics Fellows:
Patricia Denison, Women's Tennis
Karen Fairbanks, Softball
Kimberly Johnson, Women's Basketball
Robert McCaughey, Rowing
David Weiman, Men's Tennis

Committee of Department Chairs and Program Directors

Meeting time: Wednesdays, 12:00-2:00 PM

Commitee charge: Chairs and program directors meet once a month with the Provost to discuss matters of mutual interest. The meetings provide a forum for Chairs and directors to discuss with each other and with administrators information or concerns related to departmental practices and policies.


See current list of department chairs and program directors.

Meetings Dates

September 3 
October 22 
November 19
December 3
January 28
February 25
March - 
April 1, 29

Committee on Honors

Chair: Dean of Studies

Term length: 2-year term

Meeting time: Selected Fridays from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 214 Milbank

Commitee charge: Reviews applications and interviews applicants and nominees for international, national, and College fellowships.  Selects recipients of College fellowships.  

Membership eligibility: 5 faculty members.  


Chair: Jim Rundsdorf, Dean of Studies
Division I: Elizabeth Hutchinson '15
Division II: Walter Neumann '15
Division III: Debra Minkoff '16
Division IV: Fred Neuhouser '16
At Large: Elizabeth Bauer '16

Committee on Programs and Academic Standing (CPAS)

Chair: Dean of Studies

Term length: 2-year term

Meeting time: Twice a month, Thursdays at 12:00-2:00 PM

Commitee charge: Reviews educational policy in matters of student programs, credit and academic standing; acts on student petitions for exceptions to academic policy.

Membership eligibility: 6 faculty members, one from each of the four faculty groups and two at-large. 


Chair: Natalie Friedman
Division I: Colleen Thomas '15
Division II: Jacob Alexander '15 
Division III: Gergely Baics '15
Division IV: Ronald Briggs '16
At Large: Larry Heuer '16    
At Large: Daniela De Silva '15

Meetings Dates

September 11, 18
October 8, 23
November 6, 20
December 4, 18

Dean's Accommodation Committee (DAC) (currently inactive)

Chair: Dean of Studies

Term length: 2-year term

Commitee charge: For students with diagnosed learning disabilities, this subcommittee of the Committee on Programs and Academic Standing will consider student’s requests for accommodations as well as the supporting documentation and the report of the independent consultant. Decides on the appropriate accommodations, which will be provided through the Office of Disability Services.

Membership eligibility: Director of Disability Services and 3 faculty members appointed by the Faculty Governance and Procedures Committee (one faculty member shall be a member of CPAS, and initially, one faculty member shall have served on the Learning Disabilities Task Force). 

Faculty Committee on Internationalization

Chair: Chair, Vice Provost and Dean for International Programs.

Term length: Rotating 2-year terms. 

Meeting time: Second Thursday of each month from 3:30-5:00 pm in Mehler Parlor.

Commitee charge: Guides Associate Provost Dean for International Programs on the College’s internationalization strategy, particularly focusing on supporting faculty in global research and teaching, faculty engagement in College internationalization efforts, curriculum development on global issues, opportunities for teaching, research, collaboration and travel abroad. 

Membership eligibility: 10 faculty members to be appointed by the FGP; 5 tenured and 5 untenured, 


Kadambari Baxi '13
Yvette Christianse '14
Deborah Coen '13
Alexander Cooley '13
Abosede George '14
Jennie Kassanoff '14
Rebecca Stanton '13
Martin Stute '14
Hana Worthen '13

Faculty Diversity and Development Committee (FDD)

Chair: Dean for Faculty Diversity and Development

Term Length: 3-year term, staggered

Meeting Time: Alternating Mondays at 11:30-1:00 PM

Commitee charge: Works to help the College fulfill its mission to increase and maintain diversity among the faculty and to expand the College’s support for faculty throughout their careers. The Committee assists departments and programs in ensuring that faculty searches are fair and open, organizes new faculty orientation and mentoring, and provides support to departments and chairs in preparing reappointment and tenure cases.  The Committee is also available to work with departments and programs in identifying their diversity goals and the strategies they choose to achieve them.  The Committee supports programs that increase faculty diversity and development to promote an open and inclusive campus climate for all faculty. 

Membership eligibility: The Dean is appointed by the Provost early in the semester prior to the end of the current Dean’s term, after soliciting nominations and self-nominations. The appointment will be made in consultation with the FDD Committee, the FGP and the ATP. Candidate selection will consider the applicant’s vision for and commitment to diversity.  Up to 8 faculty members in addition to the Chair, with at least four senior members, at least one representative of each division, and at least one off-ladder member.


Division I:  
Elizabeth Hutchinson ’16
Monica Miller '17
Division II:  
Krista McGuire ’16
Division III:
Brian Larkin ’15
Debra Minkoff ’16 (Chair)
Maria Rivera-Maulucci '17
Division IV:
Najam Haider ’15
Kaiama Glover ’16
Javier Perez-Zapatero '17

Meeting Dates

September 22
October 6, 23
November 17
December 1, 15
January 26
February 9, 23
March 9, 23
April 6, 20
May 4

Faculty Reporter

Term Length: 1-year term

Charge: Records minutes at Faculty Meetings and submits them to the Office of the Provost for posting.

Membership eligibility: Faculty member


Laurie Postlewate '15

Faculty Tellers

Term Length: 1-year term

Charge: Announces the results of fall and spring faculty elections at Faculty Meetings.

Membership eligibility: First year members


Rebecca Casili-Rodriguez
Michael Miller

Honor Board

Chair: Student, selected by student members of Honor Board

Adviser: Associate Dean for Equity

Term length: 2-year term

Meeting time: Monthly, Tuesdays at 8:00-9:00 AM, Sulzberger Tower (17th Floor)

Commitee charge: A tripartite committee which meets to discuss matters of academic integrity at the College and also as needed to hear cases involving allegations of Honor Code violations. 

Membership eligibility: 3 faculty members.  


Jonathan Snow '16
Mary Sever '16
Rachel McDermott '16

Meeting Dates

October 7
November 11
December 2

Institutional Review Board

Chair: Senior Faculty Member from the Committee

Term length: 3-year term

Meeting time: Monthly on Mondays before the Faculty Meeting (3:15 PM), or as needed to discuss proposals 

Commitee charge: The committee reviews all research proposals from Barnard College faculty, staff, and students who plan to conduct research involving human subjects. Forms can be found: http://barnard.edu/provost/research-professional-development/irb

Membership eligibility: 3-4 faculty members, and at least one community representative. 


Lisa Son (Chair) '15
Elizabeth Bernstein '15
Jonathan Snow '17
Joshua New '17
Koleen McCrink '17
Paul Thomas '15
Carlos Davila, Community Representative, John Jay College
Paul Thomas, Community Representative, The Parkside Group

Meeting Dates

October 6, 27
November - 
December 1
January -
February 2
March 2
April 6
May 4

AnchorJoint Faculty and Administrator Benefits Committee


Peter Balsam
Kimberly Marten
All FFRC Members

Judicial Council (currently inactive)

Chair: An Administrator

Term length: 2-year term

Meeting time: As needed on Fridays

Commitee charge: A tripartite committee which meets when needed to deal with matters of student misconduct or violations of College rules by students that are not appropriately dealt with by other disciplinary procedures. Committee to be reconstituted when necessary.

Membership eligibility: 6 faculty members, one from each of the four faculty divisions plus two alternates.  

Medalist Committee

Chair: President Debora Spar

Meeting time: As needed on Fridays

Commitee charge: Develops list for Trustees of potential nominees to receive Barnard Medal of Distinction at Commencement.

Membership eligibility: 4 faculty members, one from each of the four faculty groups. 


Division I: Margaret Vandenberg
Division II: Hilary Callahan
Division III: Gergly Baics
Division IV: Erik Grimm

Mellon Postdoctoral Search Committee (currently inactive)

To be reconstituted when necessary

Phi Beta Kappa Committee

Term length: 1-year term

Meeting time: 

Commitee charge: Phi Beta Kappa Society is a national organization that celebrates outstanding undergraduate scholarship in the liberal arts. In both the fall and spring semesters, the Barnard Chapter oversees the election and initiation of seniors to Phi Beta Kappa.

Membership eligibility: Four faculty members who are members of Phi Beta Kappa serve as officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer).  Officers are elected by Faculty members who are members of the Society. 


Officers, Barnard Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa
Richard Pious, President
Rachel Fell McDermott, Vice-President
Dina Merrer, Secretary
Ani Bournoutian, Treasurer

Pre-Health Professions Committee

Chair: Pre-Health Professions Adviser

Meeting time: The Committee typically meets a minimum of 2 times during the spring semester.  

Commitee charge: Committee members assist the Chair by writing 4 committee letters each. The letters will be assigned in consultation with the Committee Chair and faculty members.  The committee meets annually to select recipients for the college's pre-med honors/awards.  The Pre-Health Professions Committee meets and conducts most of its work, during the spring semester, and may also meet once during the fall semester to discuss general issues and topics related to pre-health applicants.  

Membership eligibility: One designated seat for a faculty member from the departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Psychology.  One at large seat with preference for a faculty member from Physics & Astronomy. Each of the 4 faculty members serve a 2 year term on the committee.  The Committee on Faculty Governance and Procedures is responsible for ensuring full membership for faculty members for each year.  [staggered terms for the four faculty members is suggested]


Chemistry: Dina Merrer '15
Administrative Members:
Adjua Starks (chair)
Jim Runsdorf
Aaron Schneider

Senior Commencement Committee

Chair: Senior Class Dean

Term length: 2-year term

Meeting time: Twice a Month

Commitee charge: A tripartite committee which advises the President on all matters related to commencement planning.

Membership eligibility: 1 faculty member.


Katie Glasner '16

Student Life Committee

Chair: Dean of the College

Term length: 2-year term

Meeting time: 

Commitee charge: A tripartite Committee which considers questions affecting quality of life and well being for students, including, but not limited to residential life, dining services, health and counseling services, and college activities. 

Membership eligibility: 2 faculty members, 3 administrators to be designated by the Dean of the College, and 4 students, one of whom shall be a member of the SGA executive board, the other 3 appointed by the SGA appointments committee and to include representation of at least two classes other than the senior class. The faculty members of this committee shall also serve as the faculty members on the Board of Trustees Committee on Student Life.


Sandra Goldmark '16
Alma Mora '16

Sustainability Committee

Chair: Vice President for Campus Services

Term length: 1-year 

Meeting time: Monthly

Commitee charge: This tripartite committee considers the functions and issues that affect the campus community, including but not limited to facilities, office services, and government relations. This committee will also function as the student security advisory committee, providing advice on matters pertaining to the continuing improvement of campus security policies and procedures. At least one half of the committee must be female under New York State Law.

Membership eligibility: 2 faculty members, 2 students to be appointed by the SGA, the Director of Facilities, the Director of Security, the General Counsel and one additional administrator to be appointed by the Vice President of Administration and Capital Planning. 


Sandra Goldmark
Martin Stute

Trustee Committee on Academic Affairs

Commitee charge: Advises the President and the Board, at its request, with respect to issues of concern to the faculty and the academic affairs of the College, and may, as it deems appropriate, report and make recommendations to the Board with respect to such issues.


Faculty Representatives to the Board of Trustees

Trustee Committee on Campus Life

Commitee charge: Advises the President and the Board, at its request, with respect to issues of concern to students and other members of the Barnard College community, and may, as it deems appropriate, report and make recommendations to the Board with respect to such issues.


Faculty Representatives to the Board of Trustees