Scanning to Email

Saving Names to the Ricoh Address Book

Users of the Ricoh scan-to-email function can save names and email addresses directly into the Ricoh Address Book for easy on screen access. Open and print out these Instructions, bring with you to the Ricoh, and follow step-by-step. Do not skip steps! Two methods are provided in the instructions. We strongly recommend you follow Method 1 to avoid manual entry typos. Method 1starts with a Search for the Barnard person's name as per the instructions below.

Instructions for Searching Barnard’s Directory for Email Addresses

Below are the instructions for searching for and selecting an email address from the Barnard email directory, also known as LDAP search. It may look complicated, but it is quite simple and intuitive when reading the screens. Just be sure to select the Barnard tab, and not the Address Book tab when starting the search.

Note: in Ricoh terminology, the person or address you are sending to is called a Destination.

Log onto Ricoh Scanner function, then:

  1. Press [Search Dest.] near top center of screen.

    ricoh control panel
  2. Select the [Barnard] server that appears next to [Address Book].

    ricoh control panel
  3. Press [Name] to search by destination First Name. The soft keyboard appears
    1. Enter the beginning of the person’s First Name (e.g., Jea for Jeanette Smith’s email address).
    2. Press [OK].
    3. Press [Start Search]. Destinations that match the search criteria are displayed.
  4. To search by the person’s Department
    1. Press [Advanced Search]
    2. Press [Department]. The soft keyboard appears.
    3. Enter the beginning of the Department name (e.g., Eco for Economics)
    4. Press [OK].
    5. Press [Start Search]. Destinations that match the search criteria are displayed.
  5. Select the Destination(s).
  6. Select [To], [Cc], or [Bcc].
  7. Press [OK].
  8. At this point, you can save the Destination [Prg. Dest.] to the Ricoh's Address Book if you wish.
  9. Additional options
    1. You can select multiple destinations using multiple searches for To, Cc, and Bcc and even save the group to the Ricoh's Address Book when you regularly send scanned emails to the same people, such as everyone in the Department.
    2. After you select your Destinations, you can add a Subject line, Text message and/or a File Name for the scanned document.
    3. If you wish, you can adjust your Scan Settings from the screen. The defaults are black & white text/line art, PDF format, Auto Detect size, and 300 dpi scan resolution.  Feel free to explore the other settings you can change, keeping in mind that increasing the dpi resolution and scanning in color will increase the file size. (Going from 300 to 400 dpi will approximately double the file size.)