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Constellation Telescopium

Telescopium: “The Telescope”; meaning: telescope; symbol: telescope; pronounced “tell-es-SCOPE-ee-um”

The Telescopium constellation is made up of students from the 2nd Floor and Commuters.

Resident Assistant: Ashiana Jivraj

Personal Librarian: Lisa Norberg

Constellation Leader: Nancy Tay, BC 2015

Nancy is a rising junior majoring in Econ-Math while deciding between a second major (Russian) and a string of minors. Originally from sunny Singapore, she now spends most of her time in NYC trying to keep warm and having a bit of fun. She likes hanging out and exploring the city and would like to spend more time doing so in the coming year! Copious amounts of warm Levain cookies make her very happy while all-nighters at Butler decidedly less so. Outside of Barnard, she is often downtown or at the museums. She’s really friendly, so when you see her on campus, say hi!

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