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Representative Council



Members of the Representative Council

In addition to the members listed below, the President and Vice President of each class sit on the Representative Council and contribute one vote per class.  Information for the Class Presidents and Vice Presidents can be found on their individual class pages.

Ayelet Pearl, Senior Representative to the Board of Trustees

Class Year: 2014

Email: adp2137@barnard.edu

Ashiana Jivraj, Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees

Class Year: 2015

Email: aj2461@barnard.edu

Kalliope Kyriakides, University Senator

Class Year: 2014

Email: kak2178@barnard.edu

Ashley Wagner, Representative for Campus Policy

Class Year: 2014

Email: asw2146@barnard.edu

Malvina Kefalas, Representative for Academic Affairs

Class Year: 2014

Email: mhk2130@barnard.edu

Committee Co-Chair: Student Academic Advisory Committee

Julia Qian, Representative for Diversity

Class Year: 2015

Emai: jq2210@barnard.edu

Committee Co-Chair: Committee on Diversity

Claudia Flores, Representative for Student Services

Class Year:

Email: cef2135@barnard.edu

Committee Co-Chair: Food Advisory Board, Student Health Advisory Committee

Eliza Taylor, Representative for Student Interests

Class Year: 2014

Email: et2388@barnard.edu

Angela Sun, Representative for College Relations

Class Year: 2016

Email: ts2743@barnard.edu

Committee Co-Chair: The Seven Sisters Coalition Coordinating Board

Adrienne Nel, Representative for Arts and Culture

Class Year: 2016

Email: aln2138@barnard.edu

Committee Co-Chair: Committee on Arts

Ruth Uruchima, Representative for Campus Affairs

Class Year: 2015

Email: ru2123@barnard.edu

Committee Co-Chair: Housing Advisory Board