Related Courses

Some courses at Barnard College have significant off-campus components.  Whether they require you to complete an internship (ex. Theorizing Civic Engagement), to register several hours of volunteer work, to attend cultural events, or to meet with other citizens of New York, these courses will allow you to combine practical experience with guided reflection and can be some of the most rewarding experiences you will have while engaging!  Always feel free to contact individual faculty members with questions about any community-based learning within their courses, but here are a few tips to identifying these courses from their descriptions:

  • Does the course description in the catalogue mention internships, trips, meetings with city officials or organization leaders?
  • Will the course require a final project that may involve significant work in the community?
  • Does the course focus on issues that affect New York City and/or other urban centers?

Specific Civic Engagement-Related Courses

If you would like more information regarding any of the courses listed below, please contact each of the following course’s faculty directly or take a look at the Barnard’s online course catalogue.


  • Ethnographic Field Research in New York City (ANTH BC 3868y)
  • The Culture of Public Art and Display in NYC (ANTH V 3960y; A. Alland)


  • Design Futures: New York City (ARCH V 1010x (Section 01); K. Baxi, P. Zuspan)
  • Architectural Design, I (ARCH V 3201x; N. Robertson, J. Moore, D. Smiley)
  • Architectural Design, II (ARCH V 3201x)

Athena Center for Leadership Studies

  • Interdisciplinary Senior Seminar (ACLS BC 3997x, ACLS BC 3998y; K. Kolbert)


  • Dance in New York City (DNCE BC 2570x; K. Glasner)


  • Contemporary Issues in Education (EDUC BC 2032x; M. Rivera Maulucci)
  • Urban School Practicum (EDUC BC 2055y; J. Broderick, M. Rivera Maulucci)
  • Science in the City (EDUC BC 3050x; M. Rivera Maulucci)
  • Math in the City (EDUC BC 3052y; L. Edstrom)
  • Student Teaching in Urban Schools (EDUC BC 3063x and y; L. Bell)

Environmental Science

  • Environmental Science I (EESC BC 1001x; P. Bower)
  • Environmental Science II (EESC BC 1002y; P. Bower)
  • Earth’s Environmental Systems: Life Systems (EESC BC 2300y; K. Griffin, M. Palmer)
  • Shorelines (EESC BC 3013y; P. Bower)
  • Field Methods in Environmental Science (EESC BC 3014x; P. Bower)
  • Environmental Measurements (EESC BC 3016x; B. Mailloux)
  • Forests and Environmental Change (EESC BC 3021x)
  • Hydrology (EESC BC 3025y; M. Stute)
  • Case Studies in Land-use/Bird/Plant Dynamics (EESC BC 3026y (Section 001); T. Maenza-Gmelch)
  • Workshop in Sustainable Development (EESC BC 3300x; M. Stute)

First-Year Seminar

  • Legacy of the Mediterranean II (FYSB BC 1156y; S. Pedatella)
  • Legacy of the Mediterranean II (FYSB BC 1176y)
  • Legacy of the Mediterranean II (FYSB BC 1191y)
  • The Hudson River in Art and Literature (FYSB BC 1296x and y; M. Davis)


  • Jewish Music of New York (MUSI V 2030x; M. Kligman)
  • Field Methods and Techniques in Ethnomusicology (MUSI  G 4401x (Section 001); C. Washburne


  • Field Work and Research Seminar: The Barnard Toddler Center (PSYC BC 3465x-BC3466y; J. Sawyer Cohen)
  • Field Work Seminar in Psychological Services and Counseling (PSYC BC 3473x or y)


  • Religions of Harlem (RELI V 2615; J. Sorett, O. Hendricks)
  • Religions in the City (RELI V 3604x or y; C. Bender)
  • Hinduism Here (RELI W 4215x or y; J. Hawley)
  • Religious Worlds of New York (RELI W 4620x or y; J. Hawley)
  • Contemporary Mormonism: Mediating Religious Identity in the 21st Century City (RELI W 4625; C. Bushman, R. Bushman)
  • African-American Religion (RELI W 4630 x or y)


  • New York Theatre (THTR V 2002x and y; S. McMath, G. Lester)
  • Theory and Practice of Producing for the Theatre (THTR V 2140x or y; S. Chaikelson)
  • Modernism and 20th Century Theatre (THTR V 3737x or y; S. Garrett)

Urban Studies

  • Social Entrepreneurship (URBS V 3920x or y; T. Kamber)
  • Senior Seminar: New York Field Research (URBS V 3994x - V 3995y; M. Linn)
  • Theorizing Civic Engagement (URBS BC 3590x or y; J. Rieder) (Not Offered 2012-2013)

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

  • Theorizing Activism (WMST V 3312y; M. Chiu)