President's Volunteer Service Award

The New York City Civic Engagement Program is pleased to announce Barnard College’s participation in the President’s Volunteer Service Award Program as a Certifying Organization.  The President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation created the President’s Volunteer Service Award program as a way to recognize individuals, families, and groups that have achieved a certain standard—measured by the number of hours of service over a 12-month period or cumulative hours earned over the course of a lifetime. 

NYCCEP will certify service hours for Barnard students, alumnae, and faculty and staff.  Each award recipient will receive an official President’s Volunteer Service Award lapel pin, a personalized certificate of achievement, and a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States.

Award Requirements

To qualify for the President’s Volunteer Service Award, a volunteer must meet the below service hour requirements over a 12-month period (from September to August):

Bronze Level

Young Adults (Age 15-25):  100 to 174 hours
Adults (Age 26+):  100 to 249 hours
Family & Groups*:  200 to 499 hours

Silver Level

Young Adults (Age 15-25):  175 to 249 hours
Adults (Age 26+):  250 to 499 hours
Family & Groups*:  500 to 999 hours

Gold Level

Young Adults (Age 15-25):  250 hours or more
Adults (Age 26+):  500 hours or more
Family & Groups*:  1000 hours or more

*A group is made of two or more people with each member contributing at least 25 hours toward the total. 

President’s Call to Service Award

Individuals who complete 4000 hours or more of service over their lifetime can receive the President’s Call to Service Award.

How To Apply

  • Visit the website and register for an account
  • Click on “Profile” and enter the Record of Service Key HWC-51484 to submit your hours directly to the New York City Civic Engagement Program at Barnard College
  • Track your volunteer hours under the “My Service” tab
  • Request each community organization you are working with to sign a certification form for the hours you have volunteered with them.  A sample form is available HERE.
  • Once you have reached the requisite hours of service for an award over a 12-month period (September through August), e-mail or fax your volunteer hours certification forms to or 212-854-2033.


Please feel free to contact Adeline Medeiros, Associate Director of Civic Engagement, at 212-854-2033 or with any questions regarding the President’s Volunteer Service Award program.