Entrepreneurs-in-Training (11 days)

Please note that our programs admit students on a rolling basis. The application has been open since January and programs which are still open may close shortly.  We cannot guarantee spaces for applicants who may have begun applications but have not completed prior to the close of a program. 


Entrepreneurs envision the future. And you can be a part of it.

What do Spanx, HP, Avon, Time, IBM, Gilt, Hanky Panky and Yahoo! have in common? Women founders and CEOs, that’s what!

New York City is the global capital for women entrepreneurs and, this summer, as a future entrepreneur, you can learn how to launch your very own startup. We'll help you develop an idea and turn it into a promising plan of action with hands-on teaching by some of the most successful leaders in the industry.



Courses for this program range from Developing a Business Idea to Getting Funded and include three site visits to start-ups in New York. Students will work in groups as they develop their own ventures, build public speaking skills, and ultimately pitch their ideas to mentors, staff, judges, and fellow students - resulting in an awards ceremony for Most Compelling Pitch and more. Instructors for these courses and workshops are start-up experts, having founded or led ventures of their own. 

Students will attend class, workshops, or site visits from 9 am - 5:30/6 pm daily. Evening hours can be used to attend a variety of activities provided by the Summer Pre-College Program.

2016 Course Schedule 

(subject to change)

Sunday, June 26:

  • Welcome, NYC orientation and introduction to the program and program leaders

Monday, June 27:

  • Improv Workshop and Choosing a Business (Michaela Murphy, Allison Goldberg, and Jen Jamula)

Tuesday, June 28

  • Customer Research & Development and Product Design (Adam Berk)

Wednesday, June 29:

  • Marketing 101, Branding, and Business Naming (Elizabeth Talerman)

        The class with Elizabeth Talerman on Marketing was my favorite because  I could really sense her passion in what she does." - 2013 student

Thursday, June 30:

  • Day long field trip to NY based Hanky Panky factory and headquarters!

Friday, July 1:

  • Product Development, Financial Fluency for Startups and Personal Financial Fluency (Adam Berk, Jacquette M. Timmons, and Nathalie Molina Niño)

Saturday, July 2:

  • Free day!

Sunday, July 3:

  • Business Naming Continued, Implement Startup Roadmap, and Business Planning (Michaela Murphy)
  • Telling Your Own Story, Getting Funded, and Negotiation (Ann Dachs, Lainie Love Dalby, Angela Lee, and Katherine Gentile). Special visit senior admissions counselor. 

Monday, July 4:

  • Free day!

Tuesday, July 5:

  • Pitch Rehearsal day with Moth Storyteller (Allison Goldberg, Jen Jamula, and Michaela Murphy)

Wednesday, July 6:

"At first I couldn't imagine myself pitching and was kind of hesitant about how I could succeed. But by the end I had a sense of 'I can do this!' -2013 Participant

Thursday, July 7:

  • Move out day

"I don't want to leave! Every day got better and better." -2013 Participant