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Appendix J

Department Consultation on Tenure Nomination at a Corresponding Department at CU

(formally Appendix M)

The following is the text of the memo the Provost sends to the Chair, along with the dossier of Columbia tenure candidates.

Attached please find the material in support of an appointment to tenure in your counterpart department at Columbia. The revised process at Columbia calls for review by the tenured faculty at Barnard in the candidate's discipline, with a written assessment and vote on whether tenure should be awarded. This information should be directed to Dr. David Cohen, Vice President of Arts and Sciences, by "Due_Date". It will be used as part of his assessment of the case, and should the case move forward to the standing committee, the evaluation will become part of the dossier the standing members see.

As the ad hoc committee follows this stage in the process, and multiple sets of each dossier are needed, the Office of Arts and Sciences would appreciate it if you would return this set of materials. Please send them back with your evaluation, addressed to VP A & S, Columbia University, Mail Code 4314.

Please send a copy of your report to the Barnard Provost.

Last update: August 2011