Deferred Exams for classes given in fall 2014

Deferred examinations for Barnard students (for courses taught both at Barnard and Columbia) will be administered in the beginning of the following semester. The fee for each deferred examination is $10.00. The Deferred Exam Form must have been filed with the Barnard Registrar's Office.

Deferred exams for fall 2014 classes will be given on Friday, January 23, although some exams may be given on Monday, January 26.

The schedule will be posted by January 12.

Deferred final examinations for Barnard students  are available only to students who were absent from the regular examinations for reason of illness or emergency.  All illnesses and emergencies must have been reported to your instructor and the Office of the Dean of Studies in accordance with the Dean's email to all students.

To be eligible to take a deferred exam, you must have your name appear on the Dean of Studies approval list.