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Deferred Exams for classes given in spring 2014

Deferred examinations for Barnard students (for courses taught both at Barnard and Columbia) will be administered in the beginning of the following semester. The fee for each deferred examination is $10.00. The Deferred Exam Form http://barnard.edu/sites/default/files/defexamsp14.pdf must have been filed with the Barnard Registrar's Office.

Deferred exams for spring 2014 classes will be given on Friday, September 5, although some exams may be given on Monday, September 8.

The schedule will be posted in August.

Deferred final examinations for Barnard students  are available only to students who were absent from the regular examinations for reason of illness or emergency.  All illnesses and emergencies must have been reported to your instructor and the Office of the Dean of Studies in accordance with the Dean's email to all students.

To be eligible to take a deferred exam, you must have your name appear on the Dean of Studies approval list.

Below is the deferred exam schedule for Friday, September 5th and Monday September 8th.

Department and Course Number Instructor Day Time Room
AHIS BC1002 A. Higonnet See Instructor  
AHIS BC3642 E. Hutchinson Fri 9am 328 MIL
AHIS W3650-01 R. Krauss Fri 1pm 328 MIL
ASTR BC1754 L. Kay Fri 9am 328 MIL
ASTR C1404 J. Applegate Fri 1pm 328 MIL
BIOL BC1502 J. Martiney Fri 9am 328 MIL
BIOL BC1503 M. Ter-Mikaelian Mon 9am 214 MIL
BIOL BC2100 J. Mansfield Mon 9am 214 MIL
CHEM BC3228 M Rao See Registrar  
CHEM BC3230-01 C. Rojas Fri 9am 328 MIL
CHEM BC3232 J. Alexander Fri 1pm 328 MIL
CHEM BC3271 J. Magyar Fri 9am 328 MIL
CHEM BC3282 K. Harris Fri 9am 328 MIL
ECON BC1003-01 S. Lofgren Fri 9am 328 MIL
ECON BC1007-01 S. Harrison Fri 9am 328 MIL
ECON BC3013 D. Weiman Fri 9am 328 MIL
ECON BC3019 L. Munasinghe Fri 1pm 328 MIL
ECON BC3033 N. Quella Fri 9am 328 MIL
ECON BC3041 A. Burgstaller Fri 9am 328 MIL
ECON V3025 R. Sethi Fri 9am 328 MIL
EESC BC3200 B. Mailloux Fri 1pm 328 MIL
ENGL BC3180 L. Gordis Fri 9am 328 MIL
HIST BC1302 D. Coen Fri 9am 328 MIL
HIST W3432 E. Foner Fri 1pm 328 MIL
IEOR E2261 A. Webster Mon 9am 214 MIL
MATH V1101 A. Deopurkar Fri 1pm 328 MIL
Math V2010 D. Bayer Fri 9am 328 MIL
MDES W1511-01 R. Kreitman Fri 1pm 328 MIL
PHYS C1602 J. Dodd Fri 1pm 328 MIL
PHYS F1202 B. Budick Fri 1pm 328 MIL
PHYS V1202 J. Parsons Fri 9am 328 MIL
PSYC BC 1138 J. Feinberg Fri 1pm 328 MIL
PSYC BC1001 - 03 K. Hebert Fri 1pm 328 MIL
PSYC BC2177 E. McCaskill Fri 9am 328 MIL
SPAN W1102 M. Lozano Fri 1pm 328 MIL
SPAN W1102-13 H. Goya-Lujanbio Fri 1pm 328 MIL
SPAN W1202-06 S. Montero Mon 9am 214 MIL