Physical Education and Dance Technique

Credit for Physical Education

Students Entering Barnard in Fall 2003 and Thereafter

First-year students

Students who enter as first-years and transfer students with fewer than 24 transfer points must complete one semester of physical education by the end of the first year.   There is a limit of one point per semester for PE.  Students may (but are not required to) take a second semester of PE and may receive 1 point for it.  Only 2 points from PE will be used toward the 122 points required for the degree. Students will not receive credit for any additional PE classes.  Once a student has received 2 points for PE (or for PE and dance technique in any combination), she may receive credit for additional dance technique courses, but she may not receive credit for any further PE courses that she takes.


Transfer students entering with 24 or more points must complete 121 points for the Barnard degree, and 1 of those points is for PE. Only 1 point from PE will be used toward the 121 points required for the degree. Students will not receive credit for any additional PE classes.

Students who Entered Barnard Before Fall 2003

Students who entered before 2003 need 120 points to graduate and  may not receive any points of credit for PE. 

Credit for Dance Technique

One-point dance technique courses taken by non-dance majors for credit over and above the physical education requirement are included in the maximum of 18 points of studio, performing art, or professional school courses which may be credited toward the degree; a maximum of six courses in dance technique can be credited. (Dance majors have no limit, but cannot receive credit for a lower level after a higher or for the same level more than twice.) The default value for dance technique courses is 0; a student may receive academic credit for a dance technique class only if she has completed or is concurrently completing the Physical Education requirement, and only upon filling out the request form.  Level I courses, except Dance Styles courses, receive a P/D/F grade and have no prerequisite. All others receive a letter grade and require a placement audition (at the first meeting) or permission of the instructor.