Adviser Instructions

Program Filing

Your advisees may enter courses at any time at any location, but their programs will not be processed until you have approved them. Unless you enter your email login and your email password, and click on "Approve," the program is not approved, even if the student has entered the courses and you have discussed them.

Please note that, if your approval has gone through, your name and the current date will appear under the student's program. If the current date does not appear, your approval has not gone through and should be entered again.

There are two paths to students’ programs, one through the student’s login and one through yours.

If the student logs in, all you need to do is enter your myBarnard/email login and your myBarnard/email password and click on Approve.

You also have direct access to your advisees’ degree audit and programs. Login to myBarnard.   Type in your myBarnard/email login and password, and click on Submit. Note that you are asked for your Barnard email login and password (not your uni). Your login has a maximum of 8 letters, so if your name is cbrowning, your login is cbrownin.  In myBarnard, go to Administration, then to myAdministrative Tools (upper right), then to Advisees (on the left).

You will see a list of your advisees. Click on the name of the advisee whose program, transcript, etc., you wish to see. To approve the student’s program, you will enter your Barnard email login and your email password, and click Approve. After you click on the Approve button, you should see red checks next to all courses and your name and the date should appear below the list of courses.

If you wish, you may create or change your advisee’s program. Enter the 5-digit call number for each course, up to five Adds and five Drops at one time, and click on Submit. Use the Tab key to move among the boxes. Please remember, however, that you will also have to Approve the program after making any changes in this way.

Comments and Reminders may appear. They will identify a specific problem, such as a time conflict, a missing call number, or a program of under 12 or over 18 points. No time conflicts are allowed; neither you nor the student will be able to enter two courses that overlap. If a student thinks she has permission for a time conflict, she must confirm with us. If she lists a program of under 12 or over 18 points, the system will accept it, but she must have her Class Dean’s approval (online or in writing to the Registrar’s Office), as well as yours. If she does not have both approvals, her program will be invalidated.

The program will not be processed until you enter your email login, email password, and click on Approve. Once you have approved a course, a red check appears in the "status" column, and the date and time of your approval appear on the screen. Once the course has been updated overnight to the College database, the check mark becomes blue (for advance program filing) or green (for final program filing). If your advisee has added a course without your approval, the course will appear on the web, but without a check mark. If your advisee dropped a course without your approval, the Comments and Reminders box will say so. Only courses with blue or green check marks will be on the student's program in the College database.

Programs are updated to the College database early every morning. Please note that you will not be able to access on-line program filing between 9 am and 10 am, while the daily transactions are being updated to the College database.

You may at any time print from the screen. You will then have a paper record of the program you have approved. If for some reason you are unable to approve online, your advisee may print her program and you may sign it and have her bring it to us.

The deadline for filing is the second Friday of the semester. Students may enter courses until 6pm; advisers may approve programs until 11:45pm.

Emailing your advisees

Note: To use class email, you must have a windows email client, such as Outlook. If you need to have an email program set up, the Service Desk can assist you. Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer has difficulty handling email lists of more than fifty students.

The email addresses used in this application are the ones provided by Barnard. If you are planning on using this email application, you may wish to tell your advisees that you cannot accommodate their use of other email addresses. They can set up their BC and CU email accounts to forward to their preferred email addresses.

Emailing all your advisees

At the top of the email list is an identifier for class email. It will be something like: all advisees If you click on this link, your windows email client will start a new email message, with the email address of all of your advisees entered on the bcc: line.

Emailing individuals

If you click on an individual email address, your windows email program will start a new email message, with the email address of the individual advisee on the to: line.

Emailing groups of advisees

If you want to email more than one advisee, click the check boxes next to each selected advisee's name, then click the SELECT button at the bottom of the column of check boxes. This will create a temporary Selected Group at the bottom of the email list. Clicking on group advisees will start a new email message, with the email addresses of the selected advisees on the bcc: line.