REGISTRATION is not the same as PROGRAM FILING. Registration is the means by which you verify that you are enrolled at the college and that you have cleared any holds. You must register from a computer on the Barnard or Columbia campus to confirm your presence. “Registration” does not refer to the process of signing up for classes, which is done through Program Filing.

To register:

  1. Log in to myBarnard. You will need a valid Barnard login and password. If you do not know your Barnard password, consult Student Computing Services. Until you have registered, a screen reminding you to do so will be the first page you see.
  2. In myBarnard, go to Academics and to myAcademic Record.
  3. Click on "Registration". (You will be informed if you have holds that prevent you from registering. Click on  "Registrar and Transcript Holds"  to see what holds you need to clear and where to go to clear them.  Only Registration holds will be enforced for Registration.)
  4. You will see a new screen, welcoming you to Online Registration. Click on the button at the bottom to begin registering. Use the buttons at the bottom of subsequent screens to move from page to page, until you finish registering. The last screen will tell you that you have completed the process.

The deadline for registration is the first Wednesday of the semester, at 11:30pm.   There is a progressive late fee for registration after that date.  See all deadlines on the Academic Calendar.