Wellness Floor

Quotes from Students

"It's amazing to live in a community of such diverse people who are so committed to healthy living, women's issues, and social action.  Wellness rocks!" 

"The Wellness Floor is a selfselecting group of students who share the value of striving toward wellness without being obsessive about it." 

"We live very busy lives here at Barnard.  Living on the Wellness Floor gives the resident support and encouragement to prioritize her life with wellness in mind." 

Wellness is a holistic way of thinking about health.  Barnard College's Wellness Floor is a First-Year Focus residential community dedicated to integrating the many different facets of wellness -- including social, spiritual, physical, cultural, intellectual, and emotional health -- into the lives of its residents. 

Students living on the Wellness floor will be invited to participate in various events hosted by both Barnard’s Well Woman office and Residential Life and Housing that focus on the health and wellness of Barnard students. These programs will be organized and implemented by the floor RA and Peer Educators from the Well-Woman Office.

The Wellness Floor is a wonderful opportunity for students interested in wellness to form a community and support one another during the oft-stressful first year of college.