RA Recommendation Form

Form Deadline:  Friday, January 2, 2015, 4pm

The individual requesting this reference is an applicant for a Resident Assistant position with Residential Life and Housing at Barnard College.  The Resident Assistant is responsible for creating and maintaining a community environment among residents, setting behavioral limits, creating and implementing social and educational programming, managing emergency situations and serving as a role model for other students.  Resident Assistants are also responsible for administrative tasks and communicating information to residents about campus events, policies, etc. (Position Description)

The student requesting this reference is aware that as part of the employment application, they will not have access to the completed reference form submitted by you (however, they will recieve a confirmation email that you have submitted the recommendation form for them).  We strongly encourage you to share this information with the student so that they will have the opportunity to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses.  This will aid them in further developing themself both professionally and personally.

Please complete the information below in this form.  If you have any difficulties with this form or website, please contact Jamie Rodriguez, at yrodriguez@barnard.edu or 212-854-5561.

Name of Student Applying
Applicant's BARNARD Email address
Your Name
Your Email Address
Your Title / Organization
How long have you known the applicant?
In what capacity? (please be specific)

Please provide the Selection Committee with comments relating to your perception of this candidate’s ability or potential to fulfill the following areas of responsibility.  Specific examples would be very helpful.

Working with students

The most important aspect of the RA position is being able to work with students on their floor (fellow Barnard students) and develop positive relationships with them.  These relationships will include being a role model, resource person, friend, and authority figure.  Please describe how you view the candidate’s ability to work with other students.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

An RA must be able to effectively communicate with students on their floor, fellow staff members and administrators such as their supervisors. This also includes administrative responsibilities such as submitting reports and communicating via email.  Please describe how you view the candidate’s communication and interpersonal skills.

Areas for Growth

Residential Life & Housing strives to develop our Resident Assistants both professionally and personally.  Every candidate has an area that they can improve in.  Please let us know a couple areas that this candidate can grow in.

Would They Make a Good RA?

Based on your understanding of the RA position, do you feel the candidate would make a good Resident Assistant?  Please elaborate.

If clicking the "submit" button above does not take you to a confirmation page, please copy/paste the questions/answers above into an email to Jamie Rodriguez at yrodriguez@barnard.edu. Thanks!