Elections 2015





Thank you to all our candidates and everyone who voted during SGA election! Congratulations on successful, innovative, and productive campaigns.

Following is the list of SGA officers for 2015-2016. The results are posted on my.barnard.edu. We look forward to an amazing year with the new leadership!



SGA President
Shivani Vikuntam | sv2399@barnard.edu | 2016

VP for Campus Life
Prianka Jhaveri | pnj2108@barnard.edu | 2017

VP For Finance 
Helen Cane | hjc2142@barnard.edu | 2017

VP For Communications
Elisabeth Stam | ejs2188@barnard.edu | 2016



Senior Class President
Arpi Youssoufian | day2120@barnard.edu | 2016

Junior Class President
Shravya Reddy | skr2144@barnard.edu | 2017

Sophomore Class President
Aku Acquaye | aaa2299@barnard.edu | 2018

Sophomore Class VP
Masha Ikromova | mi2349@barnard.edu | 2018



Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees
Sarah Kim | sk3510@barnard.edu | 2017

Representative for Campus Affairs
Maya Edwards | me2449@barnard.edu | 2017

Representative for Arts and Culture 
Linda Gordon | ltj2110@barnard.edu | 2018

Representative for Transfer, International, and Commuter Interests 
Lucia Solorzano | les2198@barnard.edu | 2017

Representative for College Relations
Angela Beam | aab221@barnard.edu | 2018

All open Representative positions, Class Council positions, Committee members will be determined through appointments and applications for these positions can be find at www.barnard.edu/sga/getinvolved.

All amendments have also passed and they can be found here:http://barnard.edu/…/files/ammendements_2015_-_voting_on.pdf.


The Elections Commission:
Ashiana Jivraj
Julia Qian
Alejandra Figueroa
Erin Bryk
Julie Ahn