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Governing Board at Barnard

Welcome to the Governing Board at Barnard

Meet the Candidates for our 2014-2015 GBB Board!

Executive Chair

Therese Chen, BC '15

Hello, everyone! My name is Therese Chen and I am running for the position of Executive Chair for the Governing Board at Barnard.
Throughout my three years at Barnard I have developed a fond admiration for clubs on our campus. My personal involvement in a culture club for the past three years has immensely enriched my college experience by providing me with a sense of community and an opportunity for personal development. I think that my experience as Vice President of a Barnard-recognized club and my involvement in GBB last year as Finance Coordinator have equipped me with vital leadership skills and experience that I could contribute to the role of Executive Chair.
One of the most exciting things about GBB is its “newness.” This upcoming year will be a critical time for GBB’s establishment on our campus. I would like to focus on the following things to help enhance GBB:

1) Increase the presence of GBB on both Barnard and Columbia’s campus - Collaboration with the Student Leadership Collective as well as more direct contact and monitoring of clubs through the club liaisons will help increase GBB's visibility as a known and accessible resource for student clubs
2) Advocate for clubs to ensure equal access to both funding and space booking resources– I would like GBB to work closely with Barnard Events Management and club Advisors to provide more information to students groups to address some of the common issues that arise in the event planning process. I would also like to promote the available GBB funding resources (co-sponsorship, club of the month)
3) Continue to build an institutional memory of GBB - As GBB’s inaugural year comes to an end, it is important that the turnover of information is effectively passed on to the new board. As a member of GBB this past year, I have an understanding of what worked and what didn’t work that I can contribute to the new board.
4) Improve cohesion within GBB to ensure the board functions most effectively – As Executive Chair, I would hope to build an environment that holds each position accountable for their responsibilities while also fostering a sense of commitment to the GBB board as a whole.

As a rising senior, I would like to contribute to student life on a much larger scale by providing support and advocacy for the clubs we currently recognize in addition to new clubs. I believe that I will be able to dedicate a significant amount of time to GBB and would gladly make GBB a priority next year if given the opportunity to be Executive Chair.

Claudia F. P., BC '17

While I have wanted to become a pediatrician since age 3, I discovered my skills and passion for entrepreneurship when I launched my nonprofit in high school. I combined my love for peer support and singing to build a nonprofit that brings student chorales into pediatric facilities. Through my experiences, I have learned how to be an effective leader and evoke widespread change. I am confident in my ability to collaborate with my elders, as I strengthened this skill when I advocated for projects in several hospitals. I am a very competitive candidate for Executive Chair because I know what it takes to advocate for causes, I am bold in my methods, and I am determined to provide excellent representation for the groups through the lens of my background.

Communications Chair

Fatima Koli, BC '17

Hi GBB clubs! My name is Fatima Koli and I'm currently GBB's Communications Coordinator. I am running for the Chair position because I want to make sure all of you are promoted in the larger Barnard and Columbia communities and have the information you need to be successful clubs. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at fatskoli@gmail.com!

Michelle Wiryadi, SEAS '16

My name is Michelle Wiryadi and I am running for the position of communications chair. I go to SEAS and some of you might be wondering why I am running for this position. The reason is because I have truly found my home among the Barnard community. As a SEAS student, I would be able to offer a different perspective and introduce different ideas that would help foster greater communication and partnership between the four undergraduate schools in Columbia. I would also attempt to foster a stronger sense of camaraderie among the different schools!
As a communications chair, I would strive to be better at promoting different events happening on campus. One of the greatest struggles that clubs face would be advertising their event to maintain solid attendance. One of the saddest things that can happen is to organize an event but have no one attend! It’s like being stood up on a date, the worst feeling in the world!
Apart from sending out newsletters, I think it would be effective to be more involved with social media. I would definitely utilized social media even more and incorporate it with other engaging marketing tactics to promote an event. In other words, to promote an event hosted by the Chinese Students Club called “Night Market,” people can go around post pictures of campus with the hashtag #nightmarket. At the end of the week, I would consolidate all the photos and determine the winner of the competition. Through this, students would have the chance interact with campus while also indirectly promoting the event as well.
Another idea that I have would be to recognize all the hard work that the various clubs have put in to promote a sense of community among the student body. It would be great to award clubs that have truly organized a successful and amazing event that month. This monthly reward for each club would provide them with an incentive to work harder and organize even better events for the student body to enjoy!

Programming Coordinator

Christine Rosenblatt, BC '16

This past year I have served as GBB's Special Events Coordinator. The position of Programming Coordinator would best allow me to continue the line of work I have been doing this past year. Outside of GBB, I have events experience from my work on the Barnard Events Board as a freshman & Columbia Classical Performers' concert series. I am passionate about helping clubs to the best of my ability.

General Representative (2 Positions Available)

Sheila Krishnan, BC '15

I'm Sheila Krishnan, a rising Senior at Barnard (class of 2015!). I am very excited to see the GBB grow as an organization and successfully handle the considerable task that is managing student organizations and activities at our campus. During my first two years at Barnard, I was a part of the Student Organization Committee, the precursor to the GBB - last year, I was able to watch as the GBB slowly but surely became an organization on its own right aside from SGA. I am always involved in clubs and have been on the executive board of a dually recognized club for two years now, and so have plenty of experience in managing club affairs on both sides of the equation - I know how clubs work and I know how Barnard works. Next year, I would very much love to be involved with the GBB again, and give back to our campus community in what way I can. It would be an honor to be able to work directly with club leaders and with the GBB.

Alexandra Zhang, BC '17

Hello! My name is Alexandra Zhang and I am running for the General Representative position on the Governing Board at Barnard. As a board member of the Chinese Students Club, I have been responsible for organizing several campus wide events and have helped manage a number of marketing projects focused on promoting the Chinese culture on campus. These responsibilities and experiences have taught me many organizational, leadership and design skills that will hopefully prove helpful to the tasks I may be assigned to for GBB. Additionally, in taking such leadership positions as early as freshman year, I have gained a valuable insight into how to efficiently work together with others in an organizational structure and how to be proactive and a self-starter. As a club representative, I would be tasked to work directly with clubs to enhance their communication and visibility on campus. As a current club leader, I am privy to the support clubs will need in order to foster successfully in our community. By being a representative I will be able to create the connection between GBB and other club leaders more easily because I will be able to have a deeper understanding of what they expect from us. From CSC in particular, I realize that these clubs may not fully utilize what GBB has to offer. I hope that from being on GBB, I would be more active in reaching out to clubs to advise them with opportunities the other governing boards will not be able to offer them. Thank you!



The Governing Board at Barnard (GBB) upholds the values of Barnard College by promoting the personal and intellectual development of students as leaders. We hold GBB clubs and their members to the high expectations of Barnard College: rigorous standards, self-awareness, holistic learning, and social accountability. Reflective of the Barnard mission statement, GBB believes that participation and leadership in student clubs will empower students “to achieve the personal strength that will enable them to meet the challenges they will encounter throughout their lives.” We strive to provide a strong sense of community and dedication to student life on Barnard's campus.



The Governing Board at Barnard (GBB) is dedicated to representing, advocating for, and recognizing clubs at Barnard College. GBB supports clubs’ efforts to promote student activity and learning outside of the classroom. We collaborate with the other members of the Student Leadership Collective (SGA and McAC), the Barnard administration, and other governing boards of Columbia University to maximize campus opportunities and events for the greater student body. GBB recognizes groups with members from all undergraduate schools at Columbia University and enriches communities at Barnard and Columbia by providing resources to connect students through clubs, organizations, and events.


Download the Constitution as a PDF

If you have any questions regarding the Constitution, please contact the GBB Executive Board at gbb@barnard.edu.