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GBB Elections

Here are the candidates for next year's GBB board!

Alexandra Zhang, BC ‘17

Position: Executive Chair

Since joining GBB, I have had the privilege to be a part of an organization that strives to promote the incredible events our clubs hold that create such a great impact on Barnard’s community. This year I have been working closely with a few student leaders as a general rep to help address any questions or concerns they had when dealing with the plethora of policies that come with planning an event here. From this position, I was able to gain a perspective from our clubs regarding the way GBB functions as a governing board, and I believe this insight is extremely important for an executive chair to hold. As executive chair, I hope to continue GBB’s growth by simplifying the necessary responsibilities for clubs by providing clarity concerning GBB’s and Barnard’s event policies, as well as improving the board’s relationship with them to better serve as a support system. I believe that through restructuring the ReFuel process and facilitating more communication between GBB and other governing boards, clubs will gain a better understanding of the requirements and procedures for booking spaces at Barnard. In addition, by improving the relationship between GBB and recognized clubs, we can provide additional resources, such as board transition or event planning workshops in order to support our clubs in every facet possible. I hope that with my dedication and hard work, GBB can not only thrive as an efficient and effective board, but will also provide a better experience for all clubs.


Isabel Weiss, BC ‘18

Position: Communications Chair

Hi GBB club reps! I'm Isabel, a rising sophomore in BC running for Communications Chair.

During my first year here I've been a board member of the Chinese Students Club and helped plan some of the largest cultural events across all four colleges. My time on one of Barnard/Columbia's largest dually recognized groups has taught me a lot about the bureaucratic issues that all clubs face. I understand the need for clear and constant communication between clubs and their respective governing boards.

As Communications Chair I will use bi-weekly news letters as well as up-to-date social media to make sure the clubs are always informed. Through proactive advertising, I hope to help clubs take advantage of every opportunity that GBB has to offer. In addition, I will keep updated records of club contacts to ensure that they are receiving important information. By taking detailed meeting minutes, I will aim to keep GBB meetings organized and efficient so as to better serve our clubs.

Thank you!


Kathy Yuan, BC ‘18

Position: Programming Coordinator

Hello, everyone! My name is Kathy Yuan and I am a rising sophomore at Barnard running for the position of Program Coordinator on GBB. As a proud Barnard Student, I want to help enhance the goal of promoting personal and intellectual leadership development and provide a strong sense of community on our campus.

Over the past year, I have been extremely involved with the Chinese Student’s Club, in which I have learned many valuable skills that I feel I would be able to bring to GBB. CSC has given me the opportunity to see first-hand the amount of effort, coordination, and planning that it takes to run such large and important affairs, and thus, I feel that I will be able to successfully bring my prior experiences to help efficiently organize events for the upcoming year. As logistics head for Lunar Gala, I have learned about many important resources on Columbia’s campus, including Columbia’s University Event Management Portal. I would love to understand the in’s and out’s of Barnard’s Event Management Portal as well and strive to help make booking spaces easier and more efficient among organizations, while further developing the resources available to clubs.

Please consider voting for me as Program Coordinator on Barnard’s Governing Board. I would love to join such an amazing group of individuals who strive to make Barnard the best it can be. If elected, I would be fully dedicated to this position and put all of my efforts into the work. Thank you!


Hana Koob, BC ‘18

Position: Intercollegiate Coordinator

I am writing this statement of intent to ask for your support in becoming the intercollegiate coordinator for the Governing Board at Barnard. I understand that clubs at Barnard play a large role in the lives of many students and I want to help them achieve their full potential as a member of GBB. If elected, I would be excited to work with our counterparts on Columbia's campus, the University Events Management and the Activities Board at Columbia (ABC), to organize and facilitate events and enhance communication between the undergraduate schools and their governing boards. Moreover, as the intercollegiate coordinator, I would work hard to ensure that the clubs at Barnard and Columbia, particularly those that are dually recognized, are held to the same standards and receive the same opportunities. I want to make sure that the clubs at Barnard have access to the maximum amount of resources available to them by the university in order to increase on campus opportunities for the entire student body. Although I only came to Barnard a year ago, I believe that my time here has allowed me to get to know the needs of the student body, and if given the chance, I intend to use this knowledge to help clubs create more fun and meaningful events on campus. I hope you give me the chance to represent you next year.


Speeches and elections will take place during the Spring Town Hall. Milicent McIntosh Dining Room (2nd floor Diana) on April 21st, from 7:30-9:00PM. 


GBB Spring Town Hall

WhenTuesday, April 21, 2015, 7:30-9:00PM

Where: Diana 2nd Floor: McIntosh Student Dining Room

Who: All are welcome to attend. At least one member from every GBB-recognized group must attend. Note: any group who is not will have their allocation cut. 

What: Vote on your new GBB e-board and constitutional changes! Dinner will also be served!