Meet the Student Staff

Nicole Blakeman - Resident Intern

Nicole is a rising Junior majoring in Urban Studies with a concentration in Political Science. She has very fuzzy plans and goals for life after college, but for now she enjoys participating in the activist scene on campus. When she’s not on Tumblr or reading graphic novels, she is an active member of Take Back the Night and V-Day, where she produces student run shows like “The Vagina Monologues” and “Beyond Cis-terhood”, which address different narratives of womanhood and the unique experiences of LGBTQ+ students on campus. Nicole was born and raised in Puerto Rico and is so excited to meet her PCP residents and have unforgettable times with them!

Erin Bryk - Resident Intern

Erin Bryk is a rising Junior from Albany, New York. She is majoring in Middle Eastern and Asian Cultures and minoring in Political Science. Since arriving on campus, Erin has been heavily involved in student government. In her first year, she served as Class President. Currently, she serves on the Columbia Senate as Barnard’s University Senator and on the Student Government Association’s Election Commission. She is also a part of Sigma Delta Tau. Erin has recently interned at Learning to Lead, a non-profit organization focused on developing key leadership skills in adolescent girls. Erin participated in the Pre-College Program as a high school student and also worked as a Resident Intern last summer. She is looking forward to another wonderful summer!

Layla Caroni - Resident Intern

Originally from Rome, Italy, Layla is a rising Junior at Barnard majoring in Art History. Her major reflects her passion for culture and art, but she has also developed a strong interest in advertising and marketing during her internship with Cosmopolitan Magazine. On campus Layla is a part of the Delta Gamma sorority and shares her love of fashion and beauty by being involved in Hoot Magazine and Her Campus Barnard. As a returning Resident Intern (and PCP alum!) she cannot wait to spend a great summer with PCP while interning at Lloyd&Co!

Deena Cohen - Resident Intern

Deena is a rising sophomore at Barnard College, originally from West Hartford, CT. On campus, she is a BSAR (Barnard Student Admissions Representative) who writes for the Barnard Admissions Beat blog, and is an active member of Orchesis dance group, McIntosh Activities Council, and Sigma Delta Tau. When not dancing or studying, she loves to explore the city, take Buzzfeed quizzes, eat froyo, and watch SNL. Deena is a former Pre-College Program participant, and can’t wait to be a Resident Intern this summer!

Regina Coyle - Resident Intern

Regina is a rising Junior and a Theatre major. She is from the North Shore of Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. Regina’s favorite pastimes are eating peanut butter, watching television, and talking about Barnard. On campus, you can find her in the theatre department rehearsing or designing, hanging with her sorority Delta Gamma, or running off to her many Barnard Babysitting gigs. This is Regina’s second summer as a PCP Resident Intern and she is very, very excited to have another fun summer with wonderful people!

Erin Deebel - Resident Intern

Erin is a rising Senior from Marietta, GA. She is majoring in Dance with a heavy background in Biology and movement sciences. Erin hopes to eventually earn a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training so she can train and treat high performance athletes and dancers while pursuing a professional dance career. When Erin is not in the studio or participating in the many dance clubs on campus, she can be found managing the Barnard Bartending Agency, leading her sisters in AOII Fraternity, and going back to her Texas roots by hanging with her Little and eating BBQ! In her free time Erin enjoys traveling, singing musical theater karaoke, and anything food-related. Erin is very excited to be a part of PCP for the first time this summer!

Devon DeSimone - Trip Coordinator

Devon is a recent Barnard graduate who double majored in English and Psychology. Although she hopes to become a published author in the science fiction and fantasy genres, she is also interested in teaching English in a foreign country. When she isn't working at Barnard or writing, she is working at a literary agency downtown. She also makes a point of searching for the best food on and off Manhattan. Devon is excited to be a part of PCP for the second summer in a row!

Waverley Engelman - Resident Intern

Waverley is a rising Junior majoring in Theatre and minoring in Psychology! She grew up in the middle of the woods in Western Massachusetts, and loves living in NYC now. In fact, she went to PCP herself to check out Barnard and New York, and she completely loved it! On campus, she has been involved in theatre with student organizations and with the department as a designer and director. When she isn’t planted in the Diana Center studying, she loves finding student deals to see plays in the city, drinking coffee, crocheting, and having late night chats with friends. She is so excited to join the PCP team this summer, get to know her residents, and talk about Barnard and explore the City with them!

Dana Frayne - Resident Intern

Dana is a rising Sophomore studying English and Economics (and possibly French!). Dana loves volunteering for the American Red Cross; she is on the executive board of the Columbia University Red Cross Club and currently serves on the Red Cross National Youth Council. At Barnard, Dana is involved with the Athena Scholars Program and Barnard’s Smart Women Leadership Club. She is incredibly excited to work with the PCP team and show the PCP students around Barnard and New York City!

Mariah Harvey - Office Assistant

Mariah loves observing, absorbing, and experiencing the culture of the East Coast after traveling here all the way from the misty forests of Oregon. Though she does miss the trees at times, she is grateful to have found a home-away-from-home in Barnard College, her peaceful abode in the midst of the exciting, chaotic buzz of City life. To relax, Mariah enjoys singing classical music, going to operas at The Met, making her friends laugh with her sarcastic humor, and also having potlucks with them. As a rising junior, she is amazed that Barnard’s liberal arts curriculum has allowed her to sample classes from a diverse range of subjects, such as Literature, French, Archeology, Biology, Political Science, History, and more! Mariah has gained experience as an office assistant through working in the Barnard Office of Admissions since her first year. This summer, she is excited to go into work everyday with Ann, Samantha, and Kataeya, and is looking forward to being a part of the PCP family as a whole!

Georgette Hoffmann - Resident Intern

Georgette is a rising Junior at Barnard majoring in Political Science with a focus in International Relations and possibly Human Rights.  In addition to a full course load, Georgette is involved in the Athena Scholars Program and is looking forward to being a part of the Athena Digital Design Agency in the fall.  When she is not studying, Georgette is trying out new recipes in the dorm kitchens or just relaxing on campus with her friends.  She also enjoys exploring the city looking for new restaurants, and she is still on the lookout for the perfect café for studying!  Georgette loves Barnard and is thrilled to share her summer in the city with the PCP students and staff!

Emily Hollender - Resident Intern

Emily is a rising Senior from Newton, Massachusetts who is double majoring in Economics and American History, and minoring in Dance. On campus, Emily is on the executive board of the Columbia Panhellenic Council, is a member of several dance groups including Orchesis and Columbia Ballet Collaborative, and is an active member of Sigma Delta Tau. She will also be working in the Admissions Office this fall as a Senior Interviewer. When she's not in class, Emily loves taking weekly trips to Magnolia Bakery, exploring new restaurants in the City (can't you tell she loves food?), and going to SoulCycle, where she works part-time. Emily is thrilled to be a Resident Intern and can't wait to have the BEST summer ever with the PCP students and staff!

Camille Houferak - Resident Intern

Camille excitingly just graduated from Barnard! Hooray! She is a Chemistry major and plans to continue her studies next fall in a PhD program at the University of Washington in Seattle. On campus, Camille has worked with Barnard’s Instructional Media and Technology Services where she gets to play with cameras, greenscreens, and other cool film equipment. Camille also worked as a PCP Resident Intern last summer and she is absolutely thrilled to be coming back a second time!

Joan Hughes - Resident Intern

Joan is a rising Junior at Barnard originally from St. Louis, Missouri.  She is studying Economics and Mathematics, hoping to enter into the field of public policy and public health. On campus, Joan is an executive board member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority and is involved in the Columbia University Road Runners Club.  In her free time, she volunteers at the Missionaries for Charity Soup Kitchen in Harlem, attends campus sporting events, enjoys all forms of exercise- especially running- and explores different parts of the city and all of the food they have to offer.  Not only is she thrilled to meet and get to know all of you, but she is so excited to accompany you on many of the excursions!

Ariella Israel - Beyond the Gates Program Coordinator

Ariella is a rising Junior at Barnard majoring in Political Science and minoring in Economics. She has been an active participant in McAC (Barnard College's Activities Council) and loves volunteering with Peace by P.E.A.C.E., an organization that teaches conflict resolution skills to children in Harlem.  When not in class or studying in the library, Ariella can be found working out at the gym at ungodly hours. Originally from the suburbs of Maryland, Ariella both participated in PCP as a high school student and worked as an Office Assistant for PCP last summer. She is ecstatic to be coming back to be part of the 2015 PCP team this summer!

Lily Kaplan - Resident Intern

Lily is a rising Senior at Barnard majoring in English with a concentration in Film and minoring in Psychology. Her other loves include theater, writing and fashion. While at Barnard, she has interned for VOGUE magazine, been the Layout Editor and Design Coordinator of the Barnard Bulletin, participated in on-campus theater, and is a member of the Sigma Delta Tau sorority. Originally from Newton, Massachusetts, Lily is a former PCPer and RI herself, and is looking forward to being a part of the 2015 staff!

Katie Lam - Resident Intern

Katie is a rising Sophomore at Barnard potentially majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Education. Katie loves extremely fat animals, tasty ramen, and cats (even though she’s allergic to them). She’s also a fan of theater, Netflix-produced dramas, and stand-up comedy. At Barnard/Columbia, Katie is the Political Committee Chair of Asian American Alliance, BC/CU’s Asian American activist group, as well as the Barnard Vice President of the Taiwanese American Student Association. Katie also volunteers for Peer Health Exchange. Katie is from Los Angeles, California, but loves New York City and its incredible transportation system. Katie also loves Barnard and the wonderful opportunities it has given her, and hopes to spread some of that love to PCP students this summer!

Perri Meeks - Resident Intern

Perri is a rising Senior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology. On campus she participates in CMTS (Columbia Musical Theater Society) as an assistant stage-manager and as an actress. Perri is known for having a song for almost any occasion. While at Barnard, Perri has interned for Behind the Book, a literacy organization, and WeeSpring, a startup for new parents. When she has free time, Perri can be found watching television on her computer, rushing shows on Broadway, or exploring the Northern Woods in Central Park. As a high school student Perri attended PCP, she is looking forward to sharing the joys of Barnard with students this summer!

Tina Shan - Resident Intern

Tina is a rising Sophomore majoring in Art History with a Visual Arts concentration. She loves to read and write, and she will be a Writing Fellow at Barnard starting next semester. When she isn't in school, Tina likes to visit galleries and watch movies at indie theaters, grabbing savory bites and sweet treats on the way. She lived in Shanghai and Boston before moving to NYC for college, and she travelled extensively in Southeast Asia in her childhood. As a result, her idea of "home" is fluid, or confused. This summer, Tina will be working in a gallery on the Lower East Side and as a resident intern at Barnard. She is thrilled to join the PCP fam and can't wait to meet her rezzies!

Amiah Sheppard - Resident Intern

Amiah is a rising Junior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She is originally from Los Angeles, California. Currently at Barnard, Amiah is the vice-president of Barnard’s pre-professional club, Smart Women Lead, as well as an Athena Scholar, Entrepreneurs@Athena intern, and a Barnard Global Symposium Student Fellow to Mumbai. Before joining the PCP team, she served as a mentor for Strong Women, Strong Girls, and was dedicated to helping youth build literacy in Washington Heights through OperationExodus. When she is not complaining about NYC weather, she enjoys traveling and novice photography.  Amiah is really looking forward to working with the PCP students and staff this summer!

Gabriella Sobol - Resident Intern

Gabriella is a rising Sophomore, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology. She loves creative writing, stand-up comedy, and pretty much any type of music. At Barnard, she is in the Athena Scholars Program, and is a part of the McAC (Barnard’s activities council) Action Committee. She is a regular writer for the monthly Barnard Bulletin, and next year she will be an officer for the Columbia University Best Buddies Chapter. Although a native Floridian, Gabriella has enjoyed exploring all that New York City has to offer, especially the dance shows and comedy clubs. She is super excited to be an RI in PCP this summer and get a chance to share all that she loves about Barnard!

Aditi Somani - Resident Intern

Aditi is a rising Sophomore at Barnard majoring in Economics, and she is still undecided about a minor. She is a member of Columbia Raas (one of the four South Asian dance teams on campus), Take Back the Night, and Feminism(s) in South Asia. Outside of work and extracurricular activities, Aditi loves writing poetry, spending time outdoors, and eating back all the calories she loses at dance practice. She has had an incredible first year at Barnard and can't wait to share her experiences with all of this summer's PCPers!

Naomi Tewodros - Entrepreneurs-in-Training Program Coordinator

Naomi is a rising Junior majoring in Africana Studies, with a minor in Economics, who was born and raised in Northern California. She is a Student Advisory Board member for the Athena Digital Design Agency, Barnard Global Symposium Fellow to Rio De Janiero, an Athena Scholar, and a Gates Millennium Scholar. When she’s not answering emails or reading a book, she can be found going to concerts or planning trips with her cousins. She is so excited about Entrepreneurs-in-Training and cannot wait for all the great ideas that are going to be shared!

Emma Warner - Resident Intern

Emma Warner is a rising Sophomore possibly majoring in either English or Film. In addition to attending classes, she volunteers as a tutor through Columbia’s One-to-One Tutoring Program, works in Barnard’s Admissions Office, and dances. She is also a member of Take Back the Night and the Roosevelt Institute. In her spare time, Emma loves eating as much delicious food as possible and talking about how much she misses her cat. She is super excited to work as an RI this summer with PCP!

Ellie Williams - Young Women's Leadership Institute Program Coordinator

Ellie is a rising Senior and a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major, concentrating in Race and Ethnic Studies. Throughout her time at Barnard, Ellie joined the Athena Scholars Program, has served on the executive board for Alpha Chi Omega sorority, interned at the New York State Attorney General’s Office, worked as a Barnard Student Admissions Representative, and sang with the Barnard/Columbia Choir. Although Ellie loves exploring New York City, she’s a true Chicagoan and is a die-hard White Sox fan. As a PCP and YWLI alumna (2011), she’s looking forward to working with motivated and passionate young women!