Barnard Events Board (BEB)

The Barnard Events Board is a program designed to get a small group of students involved in major event planning on campus immediately. The BEB plans, and runs four large scale events at Barnard College, namely Trivia Bowl, The SoapBox Event, and Acapalooza. The skills that you will develop will be useful to you as you move forward into leadership positions in clubs and organizations on campus. There will also be an emphasis on leadership development and group dynamics. The events are funded by the office so the students can focus on planning and not have to worry about fundraising.

Who should apply?
Were you an event planner in high school and want to do the same here at Barnard? Were you part of a group in your old school but never had the chance to plan an event? Are you simply interested in event planning and leadership?  These are all people who should apply for this group . We are looking for people with energy and great ideas for  these programs. You will have a great deal of autonomy while still getting a lot of guidance from the Leadership Development  office. 

Program Components

  • Attend a weekly hour-long session on Fridays at 11:30am. The session will focus on event planning , team building, and group dynamics and will be lead by a member of Leadership Development.
  • Coordinate three major events using the budget provided by Leadership Development.
  • Work with upperclassmen mentors to better understand Barnard procedures.
  • Advertise, recruit, and staff all events put on by the BEB.
  • Participants should expect to commit 2-3 hours a week to the program.