The Dean of the College, Avis E. Hinkson, is the College’s chief student affairs officer and is responsible for all student services that support the academic mission of the College and enhance student life on campus. The departments and programs within the Dean of the College’s area are committed to ensuring that the College admits and provides resources for high-achieving young women to take full advantage of the College’s offerings in support of their educational career. The academic success and developmental growth of our students is of the utmost importance and towards that end, the Dean of the College provides leadership for the student affairs area, coordinates the collaborative work necessary for a cohesive and coherent student experience and works with other senior administrative colleagues to plan for the future of the College.


  • Oversee the policies and processes related to the admission and administration of financial aid to enroll well-qualified and promising students of diverse backgrounds.
  • Oversee and support the offices and departments that serve students so that they can collectively support and enhance students’ experiences at the College.
  • Provide these services at the highest level of quality.


  • To enroll a highly qualified, promising and diverse student body.
  • To support students during their time at the College and facilitate their degree completion.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learning - an active life-long process of synthesizing information
  • Valuing yourself & others - through exploration of cultural diversity, gender and personal identity
  • Leadership - understanding the complexity of leadership as a process  - Learning and appreciating one's own leadership style
  • Service - commitment to giving back and giving out through the sharing of personal resources
  • Personal development - cultivating competencies, agility, resiliency, personal responsibility and integrity to bolster extraordinary women.