Tracking the receipt of your application and materials

When you successfully submit your application to Barnard College, the Common Application dashboard will confirm that it has been submitted.  Also check your Common Application dashboard to ensure you have submitted your writing supplement and application fee. 

Here's what happens on our end:  Shortly after we receive your supplementary application materials at Barnard (online or via mail), each required credential is "tracked" separately. We record the date that it was tracked and enter the names of your recommenders into our system. We will track each testing subscore separately, but will use your self reported scores until the official results are processed, so we're not delayed in our reading process by a score report delay.

Once we receive your actual application, a "tracking" email is sent to you, with a unique login for the links below, allowing you to "track" received materials via our online system. Use this system to note when materials have been tracked and to see if we are missing anything from your application. If pieces are tracked at different times, that's okay. We can't read all the applications at the same time, and we don't admit based upon when we read your application. We will contact you directly if we have any questions about your application materials.

It may take a couple of weeks for you to receive a tracking email if you submitted your application at or near the deadline. 

Track your first-year application here

Track your transfer/visiting application here

You will not receive an automatic reply from us the minute you hit send on your application. We need a little time to process what we have received and ensure that information is correctly entered into our information system.  (Around deadline times, a little time might be 2-3 weeks!)  Please be sure to check your common application sent information to confirm that you have sent your application, supplement, and payment or fee waiver request to confirm that you have sent these materials.  Thank you in advance for your patience!

If you have questions, feel free to be in touch with us; but please do not panic about missing materials.  Leave ample time for documents to be received, opened or printed, and tracked before contacting us, your school, or those who may have sent recommendations.

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