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Centennial Scholars Program

Vagelos Alumnae Center
Centennial Scholars Faculty Assistant: Kathryn McLean

This program is supervised by the Director, Dorothy Denburg (Vice President, College Relations)

Centennial Scholars Program

The Centennial Scholars Program offers students of outstanding achievement and ability an opportunity to engage in challenging independent projects tailored to their individual interests. Supplementing the regular Barnard curriculum, the Program enables Centennial Scholars to pursue individual objectives in specialized areas with the assistance of mentors, chosen in consultation with the Centennial Scholars Program Directors.

The Centennial Scholars Program confers a maximum of 18.5 points of credit toward the degree. In the spring of the student's sophomore year, she enrolls in CTSC BC 1899-Working with Ideas, 4.5pts, an interdisciplinary course designed to lay the foundation for the core of the  program, which is an extended apprenticeship with her mentor(s). Her Centennial Scholars Project may extend over 2-3 semesters (typically, but not necessarily, starting Spring Term, Junior Year), and may include a summer to accommodate travel or other particular needs. During semesters that she is actively engaged with a mentor, the Centennial Scholar enrolls in successive versions of the Apprenticeship course, CTSC BC 3501, 4.0pts.

The Program culminates in a Centennial Scholars Symposium devoted to the public presentation of the Centennial Scholars Project in the term of completion. All Centennial Scholars/Seniors enroll in CTSC BC 3597/8 -Presentation Seminar, 1.0pt, both fall & spring semesters. Public presentations are usually given anytime from mid-March through late April, though off-sequence students often schedule their Centennial Scholars Symposium in December. Dinner lectures, outings to museums, concerts, artists' studios, research laboratories & similar activities are additional features of the Centennial Scholars Program.

The Centennial Scholars Program is in transition and is not accepting new students. The information noted here is relevant only to those students who are currently completing the program and to their advisers.