Barnard Student Employment


Career Development provides assistance in finding on- and off-campus part-time jobs for more than 900 students each academic year. There are many opportunities for employment on Barnard's campus: in academic and administrative departments, as lab assistants and library aides, and as desk attendants and lifeguards. Federal Work Study award and Barnard College Job recipients as well as non-financial aid students can work at any of these on-campus positions.  Students who receive a Federal Work Study award may also work on Columbia's campus at participating departments, in a variety of positions at off-campus not-for-profit agencies, or as reading tutors for elementary-school children in the America Reads/America Counts program at Barnard. In addition, Career Development advises two student-run agencies: Barnard Babysitting Service and Barnard Bartending Agency that provide excellent managerial experience and create jobs for many students.

Students who are not on Financial Aid work awards may work on-campus after the first two weeks of the fall semester, or at off-campus sites (includes Columbia University) on their casual payrolls.

Timesheet X

Timesheet X is an online time sheet system for student employees. A student must be hired in TimesheetX for every position working by their supervisor every new academic year and summer even if a student is returning to the same position.  To learn about online timesheets and get detailed information about Student Employment, please visit TimesheetX. You should begin with Getting Started and the Forms and Information sections under the Student Home Page.

Contract Hours

There are 3 forms that are necessary for students to complete in order to start employment with Barnard.  The I-9, W-4, and WTPA forms can be completed at Career Development, Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor during Contract Hours.  If you are a first time employee of Barnard College you should bring either an unexpired U.S. Passport or Social Security Card.  You can find this week’s Contract Hours online.  Contract Hours are subject to change. If you are unable to make these times, do not work without completing your documents. Please call (212) 854-2033 or ask at the Career Development front desk for an appointment

I-9 Form:  The I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification Form) form only needs to be completed the first time a student works through the Barnard Student Employment Program. Students must show certain forms of ID for the I-9, typically an unexpired U.S. passport or Permanent Resident Card, or two IDs: a photo ID (driver's license or school ID) AND a Social Security Card or U.S. Birth Certificate. Students must be hired through TimesheetX by their supervisors and the I-9, W-4 and WTPA must be completed and received by Career Development before a student can begin work. An email will be sent to a student when all hiring requirements are completed.

W-4 Form:  Students must complete a W-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate form) the first time they are employed on Barnard's campus, and each calendar year if they claim “Exempt”.

WTPA Form:  The WTPA (NY State Pay Rate) form must be completed each calendar year.  There is a different WTPA form for hourly and stipend positions.

Using Your Award

Many students receive either a Federal Work Study (FWS) award or Barnard College Job (BCJ) award as part of their financial aid package. All first-time award recipients must attend a JOBS Session (student employment orientation) before they first use their job award. Sessions are held regularly during New Student Orientation week; additional sessions are scheduled for the first week of classes during the Fall and Spring semesters. If you have missed one of these sessions, you should stop by Contract Hours to get a brief orientation. Students cannot earn beyond their work awards. If you plan to work more hours than your award allows, you must request an increase at Financial Aid.

Federal Work-Study Awards (FWS):  Students with a FWS award are granted self-help awards based on their financial need. These awards are federally subsidized, and students may work on Barnard's campus, Columbia's campus or at a variety of off-campus not-for-profit agencies and institutions. Students may participate in the America Reads/America Counts Challenge at Barnard, tutoring pre-k to elementary school children in reading or math, to earn their FWS Award. 

Barnard College Job (BCJ):  Students with a BCJ have been designated an amount of money to earn as part of their financial aid package. This amount can only be used for jobs on Barnard’s campus. This amount cannot be earned at Columbia or other off-campus locations.

Students Not on Financial Aid:  Students who do not receive a Barnard College Grant are not eligible for FWS or BCJ. They are however eligible to work on Barnard’s campus after the Priority Hiring period ends, which is typically 2 weeks after the beginning of the academic year. Priority Hiring at Barnard refers to a policy of hiring only financial aid recipients before this date in the fall semester.

Finding a Job

Contacting Departments:  The best way to find a job is to start early in the semester and contact the departments that you are interested in.  Large departments such as the Library and Admissions office tend to hire more students.  Smaller academic departments also hire students based on need.  Have your resume prepared and contact the departments directly by calling, emailing or going in person to inquire about openings.  Department administrators are the best people to contact in the department. You can find contact information in the Barnard directory. If you need assistance preparing your resume, you may come in and speak with a Peer Career Advisor or Career Counselor during Drop-In hours.   

NACELink:  Some on-campus and off-campus job listings are posted on our jobs site. Log in to NACElink using the username and password that you use for myBarnard. You do not need to register. After logging in, you will be prompted to complete your profile. You must do this before you can search for positions. Select Jobs, then scroll down to Barnard CD Jobs. Under Position Type you will be able to select on-campus (BCJ or FWS) or off-campus (FWS) jobs.

Fall Student Employment Fair:  All students are encouraged to attend the annual Student Employment Fair, held during the second week of September. Representatives from both on-campus departments and off-campus agencies meet with students and provide information about job openings; some employers hire candidates on the spot!

Student Run Agencies

The following student-run agencies provide many employment opportunities for Barnard students and a great way to get hands-on managerial experience. All students except international students are eligible to be hired as babysitters and bartenders. You should contact the agencies directly for these positions.

Barnard Babysitting Agency:  For additional information, email or call (212) 854-2035.

Barnard Bartending Agency:  For additional information, email or call (212) 854-4650.