Mentoring (MAPS - Matching Alumnae to Partner with Students)

*MAPS Alumnae Participation Registration Begins July 2016*

There’s plenty of excellent career information available to Barnard students, but we often find that the best resource is our very own alumnae—the women who have found their career paths, managed through career difficulties and, in many cases, made it to the heights of their professions. Academic coursework, internships, leadership in clubs and organizations all help give our students professional direction during their college years, however they will likely still have many questions about their futures in the working world.

The depth of knowledge and experience that 30,000 Barnard alumnae can offer should not go untapped, and that is why we’ve developed MAPS This new and innovative program brings students and alumnae together for exploration, networking, support and collaboration—critical pieces of the puzzle for young women on the road to making big career decisions. 

MAPS Components:

1)  Alumnae-to-Student Mentoring

This part of the program matches current students with alumnae for ongoing mentoring throughout the academic year, and the Career Development Office will support these mentoring relationships with orientations, training sessions and group events. Each mentored student will have the chance to see inside an industry or organization through the eyes of an alumna who knows it best. With that insight, along with feedback, guidance and support from their mentors, students will be able to envision themselves as emerging professionals.

And, it’s mutually beneficial—students get an up-close-and-personal look at a particular career while mentors enhance their sense of community with Barnard by working closely with their mentees and attending campus events.

2) Take a Barnard Student to Work

Current Barnard students visit the workplace of an alumna match and participate in a job shadowing experience. This day allows you to get a first-hand look at a company’s culture, along with the day-to-day aspects of a particular industry or position. Most of all, students get the invaluable opportunity to network with enthusiastic alumnae and build connections in their field of interest. This event takes place in the fall and spring semester.

3) Careers & Coffee

This series of get-togethers will introduce Barnard students to professionals in a broad range of industries, giving students an honest look at what it’s all about—the real scoop. Guest speakers, consisting mostly of Barnard alumnae, will hold informal chats or participate in panel presentations, based on their industry. These sessions provide the kind of knowledge one can only get from insiders. Students will also gain exposure to career paths they may not have considered.