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Physical Education

200 Barnard Annex 
Department Administrative Assistant: Michele Mostel

Chair: Lisa Northrop
Senior Associates: Tavius Cheatham, Laura Masone, George Padilla, Luci Rosalia


The Physical Education Department subscribes fully to the College’s commitment to help women realize their full potential. The diversity of the curriculum and the specialization of the faculty permit the student to focus on personal interests and learn the importance of regular participation in physical activity as a lifetime choice. These opportunities instill the basic principles of physical activity in the pursuit of wellness.

The curriculum is driven by the seven components of wellness: physical, occupational, social, intellectual, environmental, emotional, and spiritual, using the physical dimension as a foundation. Through regular participation in guided physical movement, the student gains enhanced physical fitness, improved self-esteem, expanded sport-specific skills and stress management techniques. Physical Education and the extra-curricular programs address the body-mind connection as the student learns skills that will influence the quality of her life currently in academic achievement and in all future endeavors.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an exercise to increase muscular endurance;
  2. Identify methods of assessing body composition;
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of a method for monitoring cardiovascular fitness;
  4. Perform pertinent warm-up and cool down exercises;
  5. Recognize the benefit of physical activity in reducing stress;
  6. Demonstrate increased kinesthetic awareness in chosen activity;
  7. Demonstrate proper safety techniques in chosen activity;
  8. Demonstrate an exercise to increase muscular strength; and
  9. Perform pertinent movement activities to increase flexibility