Frequently Asked Questions about the Senior Fund

Why Should I Give?

As you consider your donation to the Senior Fund, remember that this is a great opportunity to demonstrate your appreciation for Barnard.  Additionally, donating to Barnard perpetuates the quality of a Barnard education and the time-honored traditions we cherish for the classes following in our footsteps.

Your participation in the Barnard Senior Fund is important to the success of the college. Barnard is a gem of an institution, but the US News and World Report ranks us as the 28th best college in the country. What’s holding us back – our participation rate.  Participation in giving campaigns shows the commitment that alumnae and students have for the College.  That number is an important element of consideration in college rankings and in foundation donations to the college. This means that a donation of any size really counts--it doesn’t matter how much money people give, it just matters that they are giving.

Where Does the Money Go?

Each year, the senior class votes on where they would like the money to go. Here are some previous examples:

  • 2016: The Bear Essentials Fund and repurposed seating for the new Teaching and Learning Center
  • 2015: The Bear Essentials Fund and a dedicated tree
  • 2014: Renovate the Torchbearer Statue and an expendable scholarship
  • 2013: A sustainability initiative

How Much Should I Give?

All donations, big and small, are welcomed. With a gift of $50 you can join the 1889 Society. All donors receive a special Senior Fund gift. Support at all levels will help make a difference for future generations of Barnard women, so please join us in leaving our legacy!