University Offices of Disability Services

There are three separate disability services offices within the larger university community: Barnard, CU and TC. The directors of the three programs meet on a regular basis to discuss policies, procedures and programming. Students with disabilities should register for support services in the school where they are matriculated and should consult with other offices for more specific information as needed.

Contact Information for Disability Services Offices at Barnard, CU, and TC

Barnard College

Office of Disability Services
008 Milbank
3009 Broadway

Voice/TTY: 212/854-4634
Fax: 212/854-7491

Columbia University

Office of Disability Services
802 Lerner Hall
2920 Broadway

Phone/TTY: 212/854-2388
Fax: 212/854-3448


Teachers College
Office of Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities
166 Thorndike Hall
525 West 120th Street, Box 105

Voice: 212/678-3689
TTY: 212/678-3853
Fax: 212/678-3793

  • Richard Keller, Director
  • Jeffrey Jaech, Associate Director/Program Director for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
  • Tseday Alehegn, Assistant Director