Directional Signs for On-Campus Events

Event organizers may create and post directional signs to welcome guests to Barnard College and to help them find their way to events.  Below are some pointers when creating and hanging event signs and posters for guests who may not be familiar with the Barnard campus.

Signs should include the following information:

  • Event name
  • Day, date (check day/date agreement) and time
  • Event location (room/floor number and building name)
  • Up, left, and right arrows also help point people in the right direction

Sign format to match with the Barnard College visual identity:

  • Arial font
  • Avoid italics
  • Consider all caps for event title and event location
  • Justify left (vs. centered)
  • Sample:

Thursday, November 1, 2012
7:00 PM
Sulzberger Parlor
3rd Floor Barnard Hall

Sign posting tips:

  • Use white card stock.
  • Consider laminating signs for outdoor locations.
  • Use painter’s tape as it does not damage painted surfaces.
  • Roll the tape into “circles” and place behind all four corners to secure signs in and out of doors.  Place tape behind the sign as opposed to over the sign to create a professional look.
  • Hang event posters above directional signs; this is a great way to direct guests who may recognize the poster imagery from a previous advertisement.
  • Post signs 1 to 2 hours prior to the event.

Directional sign posting locations:


  • Use stanchions and bulletin boards.
  • Do not post on lampposts or glass doors.
  • Do not post on the guard booth at the main gate at Broadway and 117th Street.  It is helpful to remind the guard of the event (time and location) so that she/he can help direct guests.


  • Do not post on glass doors.
  • Event organizers must request indoor stanchions for posting indoors.
  • Give a sign to the Public Safety Dispatcher (1st floor, Barnard Hall) so that she/he can post it in the window and help direct guests.

Event organizers must remember to take all directional signs down at the end of the event.