Confidential Ricoh Printing

Confidential Printing on Ricoh MFPs via "Locked Print"

Your Ricoh Multi-Function Printer can be used even when sending confidential documents to a "public" printer. In this situation, instead of sending the document as a "Normal Print" job, send it as a "Locked Print" job. Locked print jobs will not print until you enter a document specific password at the Ricoh. The instructions below briefly describe the process.

At Your Computer

  1. Open your document… Print... Select Your Ricoh Printer... Printer Properties
  2. Job TypeSelect Locked PrintDetails... Enter ID and password for this document. Locked Print requires the user to enter this document password (not the usual Ricoh user code) at the Ricoh in order to print. It is therefore good for confidential documents. A “locked print” job is also automatically deleted from the Ricoh after printing.

At Ricoh

  1. Press Printer button to left of LCD screen
  2.  Press Print Job
  3. Find and select your print job from the list... Print... Enter your document's password on numeric keypad... OK... Yes to release the job to print