Osborne Association, Court Advocacy Services

Organization Website: http://www.osborneny.org/

Location: New York

Former Intern(s): Fiona Duffy Columbia '13; Kahyun Park, Princeton '13

Organization Description

The Osborne Association's Court Advocacy Services (CAS) serves New York City criminal defense attorneys whose clients face incarceration. Forensic social workers and court advocates conduct in-depth psycho-social assessments, collect and review records, and develop individualized pretrial release and sentencing recommendations for submission to the court and district attorneys. We seek alternatives to pretrial detention when possible, and in appropriate cases seek alternatives to incarceration. As a result of our report and recommendation, more than 90% of the cases we accept lead to an alternative to a jail or prison term, or to a lesser sentence than would have been imposed otherwise. Our recommendations for lesser or non-incarcerative sentences meet the needs of the individuals we serve, satisfy the conditions set by the Court, and promote public safety.

Guggenheim Internship Description

The Guggenheim interns will be expected to meet program expectations as noted: 
•  Trained and expected to attend and participate in criminal court proceedings at the discretion of the defense counsel
•  Trained and expected to conduct background and psychosocial assessments for inclusion into our reporting to the court
•  Trained and expected to draft court memoranda in a timely manner
•  Trained and expected to meet program needs as necessary at the discretion of the director and supervisor, including but not limited to staff and program support as necessary.
•  Trained and expected to meet with, speak with, interview, and collect background, psychosocial, and confidential information from our participants.  

Previous Guggenheim interns have worked closely with supervisor/s on special projects, such as organizational committees; attending in-house and outside conferences, trainings, and workshops; and participated in other Osborne program activities.

Intern Qualifications

We seek interns with public speaking skills and experience; writing and self-editing skills and experience; willingness to meet with, and work with, our served population; and motivation to help make personal, legal, policy, and social impacts.


Expected start time: 9:00 am

Expected end time: 5:00 pm

Required Dates: The intern can start on Monday June 10, 2013

Internship Length: 8-10 weeks

Additional Information: No background checks are required.  Interns are expected to attend court proceedings as required; visit Rikers Island and other NYC Department of Correction facilities as required; interact and work closely with individuals involved in the criminal justice system; and to play an active role in investigations and report writing.

Osborne Association, Court Advocacy Services Internship Application